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Friday, October 03, 2008

All About Teedra Moses...

"Confusing as this is, I hope my kiss can rectify - The lack of part time bliss, a weightlessness inside."  Drowndeep:Hula - Maxwell

Ahhh such exquisite writing.  The bliss that encompasses my heart and soul is not even describable right now.  I am going to see every song on all of this man's albums come to L-I-F-E.  Alright, perhaps not every song, but a lot of my favorites.  Oh yes ladies and gentlemen, I am going to see Maxwell next Thursday at Radio City Music Hall.  And because my people are slow to responding to text messages and emails, I will be sitting in Radio City by myself taking in the show of a lifetime with a huge Kool Aid grin on my face.  More to report next week after the show, however the countdown begins NOW.

I realized that I never shared my Teedra Moses experience with y'all, been kind of slow on the draw with that one.  As I noted before, you can find my review on Soultracks.com  Here is my short version:

So obviously this is not the flyer from the show I went to, but I like THIS one. ;)  Any who....

Teedra was late and I mean...late.  To the point where my feet were killing me, standing in my funky purple slouch boots waiting for a couple of hours.  Nonetheless, it was not her fault.  She was coming from out west and the elements were not on her side.  I am sure fighting with the remanent storm clusters was not expected.  Winds, rain and cold were on the agenda and it was not a good look.  But her fans showed up and stuck around knowing that Teedra would give a show worth the wait.  Her band The Symphony, assisted by Jay Black (that would be the chocolate, loced, hatted dude with the silky vocals in the vids next to Teedra), entertained for a bit, killing us with a few fierce instrumentals, but it did nothing to fill in the void.  Teedra Moses is NOT and I repeat not a diva in any sense of the word.  Spending a day with her and interviewing her previously, I know that she is a real, down to earth woman with a gifted talent in both songwriting and singing.  Not to mention being an ex stylist, she can dress you up or down to a T.  Anyhow, almost close to 3 hours later, she flew onstage and basically told the airline what to do with their service (add expletive *here*) and the show was on...

Girlfriend went though it hard, starting off with "If I Was Your Girl":

The highlight of the show was when Teedra went into an impressive medley, hitting everything from Sista Nancy to Mtume.  It was crazy!   I was vibing a bit too much (as usual), but I ended up catching a snippet of "What A Bam Bam" by Sista Nancy:

Her medley made everyone go nuts and not to say the show was in need of that "moment", but it did help everyone take their mind off of the late factor and the nastiness that had to be dealt with outside, after the show.  Teedra also debuted two new songs - "So Cool" and "I Remember."  Now I am going to be honest, I heard "So Cool" a while back and I was not a fan of the song.  Perhaps it has to be on repeat for a few, before it settles in.  Not too sure with that one, and y'all, I am a huge Teedra Moses fan.  But it just wasn't doing it for me.  However "I Remember"?  Now that right there is a summer track that is making me itch with excitement, especially if that was a glimpse into what to expect from the album "The Young Lioness."  After Teedra ran through her songs, we received the - Thank you so much for supporting me line...which a lot of us were not expecting.  Considering the show felt like a 30 minute stint (she performed for 70 minutes), we figured we would have received a little more.  Well, I figured - although I am sure I am not the only one.  She did return to the stage, to send us off with one of my favorite tracks, "Backstroke."  

We were still all in awe of the short show, regardless of how amazing, real and professional she was.  Personally, I wish it was longer but then again I understand that sometimes, that's the way it goes.  If miss Teedra Moses comes through your town, be sure to check her out.  I promise, you will not be disappointed.

Flashback of the day:  Just chillin with Cherelle...

Cherrelle- I Didn't Mean To Turn You On

Have a great weekend...

Tha Connoisseur 


QH said...

Mariah turned out DMTTYO on her "Glitter" LP, didn't change it much, but her vocal was divine. TM is pretty cool, I'm still in the dark about her.

I wanted to say THANKS so much for your love on the "They Like Me..." post. I'm truly flattered that my work is touching people, and exposing them to music that needs to be heard.

You are the bomb. Keep up your good work too.-QH

Tha Connoisseur said...

qh: Really!!?? Believe it or not, Glitter is one album I did not even give the time of day. Now I am thinking I should give it a listen, just for listening sake. I will check it out.

And you are so very welcome! Have to give credit, where credit is due. Thank you for always having great comments and for the support! :)