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Friday, October 10, 2008

A Midsummer Night's Dream In October...

"Time will bring a well end of our trial, one day there'll be no remnants no trace.  No residual feelings for me, one day you won't remember me..."  Pretty Wings - Maxwell

***Note*** - There may be some cusseration and sexual connotations in this entry.  Don't say a sista didn't warn you.


Now mind you, I could just leave it at that and done.  But I am not that stupid, because I know some of you have been looking forward to this entry.  Not to mention, my ass is still up at 3:26 am writing this.  Well, ladies and gents let me tell you - you are in for a serious treat.  I mean, god knows I go to a lot of shows, but this right here...THIS...was the best show I have been to ever.  So good, it even trumps George Michael and his show was serious!  I mean besides George, I do not know of any other artist who can go on tour after being incognito for next to 6 years and SELL OUT Radio City Music Hall (and other venues), and not even have a new album out as yet!  Come on man...perhaps D'Angelo can do it, but this post is not about him.  He will have his own if his ass ever gets around to blessing us with some new tunes!

Well I guess I have to mention Jazmine Sullivan.  To be honest, I was quite disappointed.  My gals and I arrived about ten minutes late, so we unfortunately missed some of her set.  By the time I made it to my seat, she was at the end of "Lions, Tigers and Bears."  She sang, "In Love With Another Man," "Dream Big," "Hurricane" and of course "Need U Bad."  She worked the hell out of "In Love..." but she over did it with the ongoing riffs, forever elongating the song.  Jazmine's voice is so beautiful, personally I do not think she needs to do all the showboating.  But hey, that's just me.  What I really had problems with, is that she was boring.  She did not command the stage or work it for that matter.  I could have basically stayed my ass home, put the CD on and listen to her and that is not what I expected.  Hope it's better for you when she comes around your town.

Now, Mr. Maxwell started the evening with "The Urban Theme" with horns a blazing.  I have NEVER heard a crowd go insane like that for any artist I have ever seen.  I had goosebumps when I heard the brass...all I kept on thinking was I AM FINALLY GOING TO SEE MAXWELL.  And when this man graced the stage, it was mass hysteria.  All donned in a sliver metallic suit, undone tie and white shirt, he was a picture of perfection.  Debonaire and scrumptious, ladies, I am talking lick your fingers after a half rack of BBQ ribs - good.  He went straight into "I Wanna Get To Know Ya" and came out the gate with a bang, all of a sudden the party began.  He had the whole place on their feet and in hysterics with "Noone."  So of course after the party, he decided to slow it down a bit with "Lifetime," "A Woman's Work" and a slow intro to "Everwanting: To Want You To Want."  Ladies, the things this man can do with a floor and mic stand!!!  I will let your imagination run with that one. :)

I was already in my happy place because he sang songs I loved, but when he sang my favorites?  I thought I was going to loose my mind!  As soon as I heard the guitar and first line to "W/As My Girl," I was beside myself.  Lord that song is sexy.  He still kept it on the slow front and continued with his new track - the full track may I add - of "Pretty Wings."  So beautiful.  No pun intended, but he then killed it segueing into Al Green's "Simply Beautiful."  When Maxwell tells you that he is singing to the "cornbread, cornfed girls" booooy, I know them skinny bitches were running out to BBQ's for a truck load of cornbread.  No y'all, this man can do me no wrong.  You would think at this point he would be done with the slow tracks and want to get the party going again, but noooo.  Dude decides to whip us yet again, with "Fortunate."  I was not sure if I could take anymore of the torture being spoon fed to me tonight.  I was in a state of euphoria and enjoying every single minute of it.  We were blessed with another new track, which he was kind of hesitant (not really) to perform.  He understood the fact that he was there to deliver the old goods.  "I know what you came here for, you are like - stick to what I know, I don't want any new stuff.  Wait for the album and then you can sing it..."  You know he's right, but we of course obliged and were treated to "Bad Habits."  Sensual, tantalizing...to sum it up - Maxwell.  His response to us after he was done, "Thank you for dealing with that." ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!???...lol

The next song, was the ultimate for me.  He went through, my two favorite tracks mentioned above and sealed it with "Til The Cops Come Knocking," mentioning how that is one of his bad habits.  That is SUCH an easy opening, but I will leave it alone!!!  I happened to get a little snippet, sorry it looks horrible, but hey it sounds good!  I tried damn it...

Would you believe the man stopped during his performance to announce there were not enough panties on stage?  I nearly fell off my seat.  As a matter of fact, I was waiting for some heffa to pitch her nasties on stage.  I will not say what went down after that mention of the panties, just in case he decides to use the scenario at your venue.  I do not want to reveal everything, hell I already gave you the whole show blow by blow!  Of course "Ascension" was on the menu and then a "Thank you New York - Goodnight."  Y'all know we were NOT having that.  So for his encore he decided to break it down, so it can forever and consistently be broken:

And as soon as I pressed stop on my video, he said the damn line in SPANISH.  Have mercy on my soul!!!  We still did not want him to leave, so he and his killer ass band went into a lil' Atlanta, southern tinged ditty that had everyone shakin' their ass.  And that was all she wrote folks.  It was an evening of real, solid entertainment.  Not only can Maxwell sing like a muthafukka, but he can entertain.  He commanded Radio City and had everyone right where he wanted them.  It was all or nothing, and Maxwell came out with all guns blazing.  After the show, my girl Sistalocs said that the return of real music is back.  I agree wholeheartedly.  That show gave me so much inspiration for great music to be exposed to the masses again.  Maxwell's sound and talent are far from being "commercial" yet he does his thing commercially.  I think and hope that he is the beginning of the resurgence of amazing quality music on the forefront again.  I know, it is nice to dream.  Hey, I gotta dream big as Jazmine Sullivan says.  I was told that he is coming around yet again for another performance on this side.  I think I just might have to check that out!   I will let you know what comes across my end, of course you know I will share!

Flashback of the day: I was going to give it up to Kate Bush for writing such a lovely song for Maxwell to have his way with, but it has blessed my page already.  So I will give it up for another one of Maxwell's influences.  The phenomenal Al Green.

If he was to cover an Al Green song, which one would you choose?  
Have a great weekend y'all...

Tha Connoisseur 


ad said...

"I know them skinny bitches were running out to BBQ's for a truck load of cornbread" - ROFLMAO

I've been waiting all week for this post - and it was worth the anticipation.


Tha Connoisseur said...

ad: I am glad you enjoyed! I am still floating girl...still floating...

Vivrant Thang said...

Between you and Huny over at Soul Bounce, I am ready to go NOW. Outstanding review! And I am happy to know that Maxie knows the key is to at least say he appreciates the thickness.

I plan to get his whole show (if possible) since I'll be in the 4th row :)

Thanks for not trying to spoil - althoug we we were told what happened next. Ha!

Girl, Til The Cops is my fave Maxie song. I'm definitely going to pass out when he does that one.

I would have loved to see him appear on Al's last project.

Tha Connoisseur said...

Viv: YAAAAAAYYYY glad you enjoyed!! :)

Now I can't wait to see what you will have to say. I KNOW for a fact that you are going to swoon and freak the kuff out!

4th row, hell girl you will get some sweat droplets your way too man...lol

Yes, I read when Hun gave up the panties bit...lol Well it will still be enjoyed by you when you see it!

Yup, once again it's you and I ***here*** on Cops Come Knockin. Maaaan, the things done to that song!! But that is a whole other convo...lmao

MsMarvalus said...

Whew! This put me square at that concert...pure magic!

My turn is on October 23rd...makes me want to go right now! Thanks for the awesome recap!

Tha Connoisseur said...

Ms Marv: Yaaaaaaaay! That is what I was aiming for, so glad it was conveyed!

Guuuurl, you are SO in for it - it's not even a joke!!! Can't wait to hear what you have to say.