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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

They Like Me, They Really Like Me!!!

"I pick my friends, like I pick my fruit..." Erykah Badu - Appletree

Those who know me, know I love that song.  There are sooooo many great quotes in there!

First and foremost, in the blogging world, someone was kind enough to let me know that my blog is KICKASS.  I love that. :)  My sister in blogging Ms. Marvalus gave me The Kick Ass Blogger award, which I so humbly accept.  I LOVE IT - my first award!!  You have a black woman blushing over here.

I would like to thank the Academy...(***princess waves***) Okay, I digress.

So here are the rules:
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  • Let them know in your post or via email, twitter or blog comments that they've received an award
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 And here are the lovely recipients that I bestow this award to:

Those are my choices, that was hard as all hell considering I read quite a few blogs.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.  Do check out the blogroll as well and visit my peoples!

Flashback of the day: I am in a hip hop mood today, a REAL hip hop mood.  So on that note, how about a little Public Enemy?  The days when Flav was an ass, but you didn't mind him much because he was part of PE.  Now, is a whole other story and whole other entry.  As good as John Legend's song is, it's too bad Obama cannot use this as his theme song...I KID, I KID!

See y'all soon...P.S. - Guess who had herself a big ol' tasty bowl of cornmeal this morning?! ;)

Tha Connoisseur 

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Thickness and Porridge - A Correlation?

"It's a designer original - you make one and then you burn the pattern!" Cliff Huxtable - The Cosby Show

As I sit here watching one of the best Cosby Show's ever (The Gordon Gartrell shirt, you HAVE to remember that) next to The Grandparents 49th anniversary (Ray Charles - Night Time Is The Right Time), No Sleep for Cliff (Denise's "A MI SEH AYE MAN..." reggae loving friend) and the list goes on an on, I realized that I have my Gordon Gartrell podcast and then some to listen to.  And I also have a mini review, with video, for y'all during the week on Teedra Moses.  In the meantime, you can read my review on the show at Soultracks.com  And I should be attending Abby Dobson's birthday party at Tillmans tomorrow.  I should have video and a write up on that too.  But for now, just for your viewing pleasure, you HAVE to love the Gordon Gartrell shirt!!!  

A little nostalgia for you:

Now that you have your composure back, I can now tell you that I have no Monday Madness for you today.  I did not have that much time to get my read on per se, so I have not chosen anything to give my two cents on.  So that will either take another day or perhaps a week, we will see how I feel as the week progresses.

Since I am on the topic of things that make us giggle, I had to bring THIS one up.  

I was with a friend of the male persuasion the other day, and a comment that came out of his mouth had me in stitches.  Our conversation started with him asking for some oatmeal, where I responded - hell no, that shit is nasty.  Sorry, I am not an oatmeal lover AT ALL.  It's the texture - ugh.  But I will tell you that I am a lover of Cream of Wheat and cornmeal.  I will KILL for a well made, butter filled, lump free, vanilla essence filled, cinnamon scented bowl of porridge.  WELL, what does this friend of mine say?  "Well you know that that is what contributes to y'all thickness..."  Alright, let me break this down so it can forever and consistently be broken.  His hypothesis is, the reason why us voluptuous women of the West Indian camp are solid and thick, is because we consume a healthy amount of porridge.  Y'all, I was down for the count.  

I cannot deny the fact that I have had my share and continue to have my share of porridge.  You can ask family and friends who know me, I will NOT be denied.  However, I had to remind his ass that we also eat a lot of earthly healthy foods - yams, plantain, green bananas, mangos, guavas, plums and all of that good stuff.  However, he wasn't hearing that.  He stuck to his line and I stuck to mine.  And all this time I was thanking my mom, dad, genes, eating habits and workout regimen for my voluptuousness...well the joke's on me. :)  Smile while you read hun, smile while you read...

Alright, today there is no Flashback.  I have a very important video to share with my American counterparts.  My sis in music Tiffany "Sistalocs" Taylor from Briclyn Entertainment produced an excellent thought provoking video for R&B phenom Eric Roberson's new song "Pave A New Road"  If you don't know about him yet, DO YOURSELF A FAVOR.  It is a video supporting the Obama and Rock The Vote Campaigns.  You can find out more about registering to vote and Rock The Vote here.  Let me know what you think of the video:

And before I forget, today is my Mommy's 60th born-day.  I PRAY that I am half the woman that her little pint size self is, when I am her age.  Happy Born-day Mommy, I love you!!

See y'all soon...

Tha Connoisseur 

Monday, September 22, 2008

Political Unrest...

"Everybody's worried 'bout tomorrow, will they see tomorrow - I'm just tryna get mine off today..." Complex Simplicity - Teedra Moses 

I am heading to see Teedra Moses at SOB's on Thursday and I am really looking forward to it.  A gifted songwriter, chill person and the woman can SING.  Now that's a package right there.  I will have some words for you on the show sometime during the week.

I do not usually get political, but this had me hot under the collar and I had to get it out.

I was on Facebook and decided to join a group entitled "Canada Votes for Obama."  I was happy to see that Canadians were taking their stance and having their say in America's upcoming election.  As Boyz II Men said, little things mean a lot and we can only do what we can.  The masterminds of the group will be selling T-shirts with the above slogan at their website canadavotesobama.com (which is presently under construction) and they say that all purchases will go to support Obama's campaign (it better if they get my money) and for more information, they can be emailed at info@canadavotesobama.com  With that said, I of course decided to add my two cents and post a blurb regarding how I felt about the whole movement.  I stated that personally, I think we all have to look at the upcoming American election on the grand scheme of things.  Whomever is elected, will be the leader of a "superpower," what we know as THE superpower of the world.  Every decision they make, will reverberate throughout the world.  So with this said, isn't it imperative that we know what is going on across the border and what is going on in this election?  We do not have to know EVERY minute detail, but some understanding would be helpful.  

So after I entered my two cents, I scrolled down the page to read what others had to say.  Of course, I had to come across an asshole from Memphis who had to put in what they thought was constructive criticism.  Here is what was written:

"You guys are funny as hell! McCain is going to win in November cause Obama has no platform...he can't even elaborate on t(w)hat his "change" is.  Anyhow, it doesn't matter cause you all live in Canada and as such have no influence on our politics.  Thanks for caring! LOL 
A True American"

Now, it wasn't the fact that he argued about Obama's platform or lack thereof that bothered me.  He is allowed that comment for that is what he feels.  It was the snide and disgusting way that it was relayed.  Some people were obviously not taught that if they have nothing good to say, to keep it to themselves.  I am well aware of freedom of speech and the like, however sometimes some people need to just shut the hell up (putting it nicely).

In all honesty, the idiot's rant gave me a sense of empowerment, because I detest hearing YOU CAN'T being told to me.  I am so not that woman.  So with that info in tow, I also added that we Canadians have to also take into account that our elections are coming up on October 14th.  Do we like the state of affairs in Canada today or do we want a change?  What are you going to do about it?  PLEASE BE PREPARED.  Be informed, be engaged, be a voter.  For my Canadians, here is a site where you can find everything regarding the upcoming election.  And for my Americans, here is yours.  Do not just sit back and complain that you "don't follow politics" or do not understand what is going on.  Take a little bit of time to understand what is going on around you.  As cliche and tiring as it sounds, we can all make a difference if we WANT to.  Let's make it happen in Canada and across the border.

Enough said.

Flashback of the day: 

I did not want to go political on the song as well, but I did want to make a statement.  Here's a an all female badass cast doing their thing.

See y'all soon...

Tha Connoisseur 

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Yes, It's Monday Madness...

"There are times, when you need someone, I will be by your side.  There is a light that shines, special for you and me..."  The Light - Common & Bilal

Ladies and gents, I am back and in full effect feeling dope-girl fresh!  But before I continue -

Please take a moment to say a prayer for Travis Barker former drummer from Blink 182.  I LOVE that dude, he is a drumming monster.  When I heard about the plane crash yesterday, I had goosebumps.  My prayers go out to him, his family and everyone one else involved in the crash.

Being that I am still on vacay for a little bit before school starts, I had my little sis with me for the week.  Little sis, meaning in her twenties - not a ten year old.  She ran me ragged through Manhattan, shopping down the place, walking to and fro and just doing the do.  And let me tell you, I enjoyed every little bit of it.  She left me this morning and I miss her ass already.

HOWEVER, I am now back.  Back to focus on school, my NYC peeps, concerts, freelancing AND my blog.  So much to do and get to - especially musically, you know me.  I will be delivering some concert news (the ones I attend anyway), more "6 Questions With..." from some serious artists and sharing with you whatever I feel free to share.

So on that note, here is your first installation straight from NYC of Monday Madess - the news that made me cuss, cringe or shake my head:

1) I have no idea why people think or thought she is da 'ish: I never really liked this Kat DeLuna chick, and I have no idea why I am a hater.  Oh yes I do, she's just too extra for NO bloody reason!  Realistically, I just couldn't take that "Wine It Up" track.  She rates right up there with Acorn and T-Pain in de Arse as far as I am concerned.  I would rather down a broken glass milkshake sprinkled with needles on top, than hear any of them sing.  And just when I decide to share that sentiment, DeLuna is asked to sing the U.S. National Anthem in Dallas.  Oh my.  My girl is lucky she was not in the Caribbean, because we do not play.  Best believe she would have been PELTED off of stage!  If you are into self mutilation, then go right ahead and watch the accompanying video.  Go ahead, I dare ya...

2) Oh Michael...: I don't believe everything I read, really I don't.  But when something like this comes my way, I do feel that I should say something about it.  I was pretty unimpressed with the media when Michael Jackson's born-day came and went with not so much as a mention.  Yet Madge's b-day was damn near a holiday this year.  Mind you, I did not write anything on him either, so I am right in the mix.  And so it was quiet UNTIL this came out.  Why would you sell/auction off your or anyone else's draws?  And to make matters worse, the item in question were from the whole child molestation debacle.  The fact that they are still in an evidence bag wrapped with police tape, make me sick.  Read the whole blurb here. (mzvirgo.com)

3) Is anything sacred anymore?: I have a sense of humor just like the next one out there.  As a matter of fact, I am a bit sarcastic in my approach, but nonetheless, I love to laugh.  However, when I saw this I was a bit perturb.  In this day and age where nothing is sacred, it bothers an ol' school gal like me when I see things like this.  It just reinforces to me that marriage is nothing more than a joke to the young people out there.  Please correct me if I am wrong.  There are many ways to make your wedding funky and fun, without making a mockery of the sacrament by doing "that" to your dress and then some.  I know that some people can't afford and make do with what they have, but the same money used to spray paint or buy the paint, could have gone into buying or renting a tux for that T-shirt and cap wearing fool.  These young couples of today have so much to learn.  Apparently they do not watch enough TLC.  Check it out here. (C&D)

4) Tyra Baby: I usually do not have anything bad to say about Miss Tyra Banks, but I do have an opinion about some of the spreads she has done lately.   Her first spread was as Michelle Obama in Bazaar Magazine and now she is channeling Diana Ross in Mahogany inside V Magazine.  Miss Tyra is fashionably FIERCE in her own right, we already know this.  So why can't we see her in her own "themed" spread, rather than trying to channel everyone else and their mama?  I honestly did not fancy the two spreads at all and thought that some of the pics did not capture the essence of what Tyra was trying to portray, they were just boring "first lady" pics to me that anyone could have taken.  And do not get me started on the Mahogany one's either.  As much as I love Tyra, it would have been nice to see her doing HER, that's all I'm saying.

5) Double edged sword: It's a damn shame, honestly it is.  This is what it has come to - arresting someone because we do not like the way they are dressed.  It is too bad that we cannot just put these kids (and grown ass men who think it looks cool), over our laps and give out some hot lashes.  Perhaps then some sense would come to light regarding wearing your pants over your ass and letting your underwear i.e. boxers or tightie whities show.  I HATE (which is a strong word that I do not like to use) to see young boys or men, walk down the road with their crisp jeans hanging off of the end of their butt cheeks.  And then they think that they can step to a WOMAN like that.  Not a little girl, I did say and will say it again - a WOMAN.  Wow...I remain speechless and that right there is a hard feat.  Yet on the other hand, there are more pressing issues to attend to.  Like are my people in the U.S. registered to vote?  And are my people in Canada ready for an election?  Check out the article regarding the clothing debacle here. (sohh)

Flashback of the day:  I was in a Donna Summer mood the other day and it still lingers in my head.  Miss naughty naughty.  Ride with me...

See y'all soon...

Tha Connoisseur 

Monday, September 15, 2008

Tardiness, A Greyhound and The Heat!

"I am so tired right now, I can't even think of a quote..." Tha Connoisseur 

I am really not sure what the problem is with me and traveling between New York and Toronto.  That "it" factor has now been rubbed off on my Montreal to New York trip.  It does not matter what mode of transportation I use, I still manage to get - to put it mildly - SCREWED.

This time around, I figured I would forego the plane for Greyhound (on account of my little sister who accompanied me for her vacation time).  You are all asking yourself, "what the hell was she thinking??!!" I know you are.  Hell I am asking myself the same question.  Instead of an 8 hour ride, as it usually is, I ended up coming into New York City almost 9 and a half hours later.  Why? Because 1) We left at 8:15 am instead of 7:45 am and 2)we had to end up stopping to have a psycho taken off the bus by police.  Of course with Greyhound's tarnished rep (i.e. beheading and such), I am thankful that my sister and I arrived without a scratch on our head.  Is there a silver lining you may ask?  Hella ya!  It's hot as Hades down here and I am loving EVERY MINUTE OF WIPING EACH SALTY BEAD OF SWEAT AS IT TRICKLES DOWN MY CHOCOLATE FOREHEAD.  Ahhhh heat.

My entries will start to become a regular siting (like Bigfoot in Vancouver...just kidding) as of next week.  For now, your girl is going to enjoy her week, settle in a bit and chill with her lil' sis.  

I will leave you with a Flashback: I have always loved Eric Benet, however he is one of the handful of male artists that do not receive the due accolades he deserves.  I am presently bumping his new album "Love & Life," and like the NYC heat - I am loving every minute of it.  Here is an oldie but goodie:

See y'all soon...

Tha Connoisseur 

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Fashion Week Needs Some Color and Flavor...

"Free your mind and your ass will follow, be colorblind - don't be so shallow..."  En Vogue - Free Your Mind

It has been hectic beyond words, since I am in the midst of packing and getting ready for my departure in a few days.  Back to Brooklyn y'all!!  So hopefully I will be inspired enough to write a Monday Madness next week.  Who knows - but I will not promise anything.  However, I do guarantee that my writing will not be as sporadic as I have been all summer.

Being that I am a fashionista at heart and with Fashion Week here, I have been reading up on all the articles and sites catching up on shows and such in NYC.  I came across an article about the lack of minorities in this year's extravaganza.  It's not surprising at all to read, but still very disconcerting.  I did an entry awhile back on Italian Vogue's all black issue , an issue that was groundbreaking, sexy and well overdue.  However, we would like to "think" and "hope" that with Italian Vogue's lead, everyone in the fashion world would take heed and follow suit.  However, that is obviously a bit too much to ask.  While reading the article, I did realize that it goes both ways.  On one side, designers were saying that some of the "black" models were not that good, therefore leaving the minority pool even smaller than it is already.  Where are all the fabulous black women at?  Or is the dream of becoming a model not as prominent as it was back in the day?  Yet on the other side, there are designers who do not even have a minority in their show at all (not one black, asian or latino).  Designers, I do not have anything nice to say on that front at all.  And I am sure, nasty words are not needed to relay our dismay.

So what does that say about the fashion world exactly?  Besides the fact that it is a fickle industry, riding on the ever changing waves of couture - it is sad to see that minorities are still fighting to get on the catwalk and sashay chantay their asses down the way.  I love fashion and will continue to support those who I feel are making some sort of contribution by using minorities - and I do not just mean black models.  Hopefully there will be more Iman's, Tyra's, Roshumba's and Beverely's yet to come.  Or are we, the Black Supermodel, nothing more than a passing thing?  Marinate on that for a bit and let me know what you think...

Oh and you can read the article here.  

Flashback of the day:  Well I figured that since En Vogue were the divas of fashion and will always be in vogue, it is only right to use the song from where my quote derived...

Have a good week y'all.  I will hopefully be back in Brooklyn next entry! 

Tha Connoisseur