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Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Thickness and Porridge - A Correlation?

"It's a designer original - you make one and then you burn the pattern!" Cliff Huxtable - The Cosby Show

As I sit here watching one of the best Cosby Show's ever (The Gordon Gartrell shirt, you HAVE to remember that) next to The Grandparents 49th anniversary (Ray Charles - Night Time Is The Right Time), No Sleep for Cliff (Denise's "A MI SEH AYE MAN..." reggae loving friend) and the list goes on an on, I realized that I have my Gordon Gartrell podcast and then some to listen to.  And I also have a mini review, with video, for y'all during the week on Teedra Moses.  In the meantime, you can read my review on the show at Soultracks.com  And I should be attending Abby Dobson's birthday party at Tillmans tomorrow.  I should have video and a write up on that too.  But for now, just for your viewing pleasure, you HAVE to love the Gordon Gartrell shirt!!!  

A little nostalgia for you:

Now that you have your composure back, I can now tell you that I have no Monday Madness for you today.  I did not have that much time to get my read on per se, so I have not chosen anything to give my two cents on.  So that will either take another day or perhaps a week, we will see how I feel as the week progresses.

Since I am on the topic of things that make us giggle, I had to bring THIS one up.  

I was with a friend of the male persuasion the other day, and a comment that came out of his mouth had me in stitches.  Our conversation started with him asking for some oatmeal, where I responded - hell no, that shit is nasty.  Sorry, I am not an oatmeal lover AT ALL.  It's the texture - ugh.  But I will tell you that I am a lover of Cream of Wheat and cornmeal.  I will KILL for a well made, butter filled, lump free, vanilla essence filled, cinnamon scented bowl of porridge.  WELL, what does this friend of mine say?  "Well you know that that is what contributes to y'all thickness..."  Alright, let me break this down so it can forever and consistently be broken.  His hypothesis is, the reason why us voluptuous women of the West Indian camp are solid and thick, is because we consume a healthy amount of porridge.  Y'all, I was down for the count.  

I cannot deny the fact that I have had my share and continue to have my share of porridge.  You can ask family and friends who know me, I will NOT be denied.  However, I had to remind his ass that we also eat a lot of earthly healthy foods - yams, plantain, green bananas, mangos, guavas, plums and all of that good stuff.  However, he wasn't hearing that.  He stuck to his line and I stuck to mine.  And all this time I was thanking my mom, dad, genes, eating habits and workout regimen for my voluptuousness...well the joke's on me. :)  Smile while you read hun, smile while you read...

Alright, today there is no Flashback.  I have a very important video to share with my American counterparts.  My sis in music Tiffany "Sistalocs" Taylor from Briclyn Entertainment produced an excellent thought provoking video for R&B phenom Eric Roberson's new song "Pave A New Road"  If you don't know about him yet, DO YOURSELF A FAVOR.  It is a video supporting the Obama and Rock The Vote Campaigns.  You can find out more about registering to vote and Rock The Vote here.  Let me know what you think of the video:

And before I forget, today is my Mommy's 60th born-day.  I PRAY that I am half the woman that her little pint size self is, when I am her age.  Happy Born-day Mommy, I love you!!

See y'all soon...

Tha Connoisseur 


Vivrant Thang said...

Gurl, this was one of my fave episodes of the Cosby show too! LOL! When he screams Denisssse, I lose it every time.

I LOVE Erro's new song. Absolutely beautiful and so appropro for these times. I should have known you knew Sistalocs :) We met her at a...you guessed it, Erro show once.

Tha Connoisseur said...

Ms. Thang: I know, it's just one of those shows that is guaranteed to bring a good laugh. It is always like watching it for the first time.

This song and video are absolutely fantastic! I totally agree with you. And yes m'am...lol There's a story behind that, I will have to tell you. Would you believe I STILL have not seen Erro perform? Let's not go there...

Sweetlocs said...

thanks for the love sis...........and hey vivrant thing

Tha Connoisseur said...

Sweetlocs: My pleasure lovely! Amazing vid for an amazing cause.