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Friday, May 30, 2008

Sensational Songbird...

"I thought of you today and I began to smile, I reminisced on times gone by and oh my, my, how we've changed..."  Chante Moore - I Wanna Love (Like That Again)

Today is Friday, my favorite day in the week because it allows me to bring the album riding my brain to you.  But before I get into the it, I have to acknowledge the fact that I am a Sex and the City JUNKIE and I am very excited to FINALLY be viewing the movie tonight.  The tickets were almost sold out everywhere by mid week, well it is New York after all.  Hopefully those of you who have procrastinated can still find tickets to feed your jones.  Online would be the way to go!  Happy ticket hunting!!  I will let you know my thoughts (or rant) come Wednesday.  I had to explain to a man-friend the other day that contrary to what he thinks and says, this movie is about female bonding, not male bashing.  So ladies, do it up right!  Bring out the Blahniks, Choos, Weitzmans and whatever else is in your closet.  Put on that snazzy outfit, get the girls together, go out for dinner and drinks and see the movie.  I am still in born-week mode and I am also celebrating my lovely cousin's bday as well.  Two Geminis and the gals doing the do - you know that's serious!  Let me know if you ventured out to see it and what you thought.  I really hope it will all be worth it!!

Alright, back to the lecture at hand...It was a toss up between two this week, but this album won out for a couple of reasons.  1) Because I was having a conversation with Miko from the talented duo of Taniq and he was saying how this album is one of his favorites and I agreed that it is not one to look over.  And 2) She had a new album released just the other day without her significant other.  Don't get me wrong, I love both of them singing in unison, but I missed Mrs.  Chante Moore cooing in her lonesome without Kenny Lattimore on the track.  Hell, I miss him too...but that's another post.   So the album of the week is:

Chante Moore's Precious is a delight to and fro, from the writing to her angelic 5 octave range voice, this was an amazing introduction to the talented songstress.  Not to mention Chante had men stannin' (as my American partnahs would say) for her left, right and center!  No one could understand how Kadeem Hardison, yes Dwayne Wayne from A Different World, could marry and divorce such a stunning woman.  But people, things happen.  I mean come on...Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon can do it!  As her liner notes said in her second album A Love Supreme, he was her lion...but all great loves run the risk of fizzling out and unfortunately, theirs did.  However her second love with Kenny Lattimore (an upcoming page devotee) is going strong musically and personally and I am sure she gives thanks for that.  Anyhow, when Chante came onto the scene, her talent and voice paralleled her beauty.  The fact that she could hit those Minnie Ripperton notes without hesitation, flawlessly without flinching was incredible.  When she sang, it was like being captivated by a siren in Greek mythology.  You were entranced and taken away with her compelling, sultry, airy voice and the lyrics?  Nothing short of superb.  From the soothing track "Alright", to the passionate and sexy "Love's Taken Over" and the impeccable "Listen To My Song", Chante was fierce, not forced–her talent shining through. 

Chante hit a rough patch when she released her album Exposed, as it did not do as well as her 3 gold predecessors Precious, A Love Supreme and This Moment Is Mine.  However with the release of her new album Love The Woman, I hope that it is a return to the Chante Moore that we love.  The r&b, soul songstress who does not have to prove anything to anyone.  If she relies on her talent and does the soul thing rather than jumping on the radio-friendly bandwagon, we just may be in for a treat.  You can find more on Chante Moore on her MySpace page and on Peak/Concord label's site.

Now for the flashback of the day, it was honestly a toss up between the tracks everyone loves from the album,  "Alright" and "Love's Taken Over".  Of course, I chose my favorite, which one is yours?

Have a wonderful weekend!  Once again, I know I will!

Tha Connoisseur 


ad said...

Missy - how I wish I could be in NYC seeing that movie with you... ad xx

Tha Connoisseur said...

And it would have been lovely to have you! IT WAS F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!! Wicked, wicked, wicked!! EXCEPT FOR THE ENDING!!! But I won't go there...more on Wedenesday! :)

QH said...

I love CM, but her first album isn't my favorite. Her masterstroke is her second album, "A Love Supreme" from 1995.

I just thought it had a better flow. I also liked her third album. I hear her new one due out this month is going to be FIRE. Good piece.-QH

Tha Connoisseur said...

I absolutely adore that album as well and there will be a feature post on it for sure. I can't wait to hear the new album. Nothing like "Old School Lovin" blaring from a car radio on a hot and hazy summer day...thanks for the feedback! ;)