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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

6 Questions With...Teedra Moses!

"It's a hard knock life for us!  It's a hard knock life for us!  'Stead of treated we get tricked, 'stead of kisses we get kicked!  It's a hard knock life!"  Jay-Z – Hard Knock Life

Well it looks like I have been lucky enough to bless you two weeks in a row with my 6 Questions entry.  This lady has left her spot vacant for close to 4 years now since the release of her debut Complex Simplicity.  With unforgettable tracks like "Backstroke" (presently on the music player to your left), "Still Got Love" and "You'll Never Find" feat Jadakiss, the Southern Belle Teedra Moses, showed us that her path in life is to sing rather than dress her counterparts.  The old school vibe that emanated from the disc, along with Teedra's strong vocals had everyone from Billboard to Fashion Week in Toronto calling out her name.  The nightingale Teedra Moses is not one to stay quiet at all, she has been touring tirelessly and is constantly in the studio laying tracks and the finishing touches on her new anticipated album The Young Lioness.  She had mixed tapes fill in the void, but we are all still longing for that full length album badly.  Miss Teedra Moses is talked about constantly on music sites and blogs, keeping everyone on their toes waiting for the album to drop.  However, the ongoing saga between the now bankrupt and defunct TVT Records, held Teedra back from delivering her baby to her fans.  Now with things finally taken care of and the umbilical cord cut, we await and watch her every move.  I had the pleasure of hanging with Teedra back in 2004 during her show at Fashion Week in Toronto.  My scheduled ten minute interview the day before, ended up becoming a half and hour gabfest about everything.  She was funky and fun doing everything to her heart's content.  Her style is sick, I'm sure being a stylist didn't hurt either.  And her overall vibe is one of a close friend that you haven't seen for a long time.  You can check out Teedra's MySpace page for the most recent updates regarding the release of her new album, tour dates and such.

Here is 6 Questions With...Teedra Moses

1) It's been a long time since you graced us with a full studio album and we are very excited to hear what The Young Lioness has to offer.  Because of the demise of TVT, inadequate promotion and communication, we are anxiously waiting the drop date.  Is there a glimmer of light as to when we an expect it?  And when are you coming back out east (particularly NYC) and to Canada for performances?

I have just recently found a way to sever my relationship with TVT and I am in the process of starting to take meetings with other labels.  I am VERY EXCITED about that.  But I'm not exactly sure when I'll be back on the east coast performing.

2) What can we expect from the album The Young Lioness?  Will it be along the lines of Complex Simplicity in terms of the old school vibe with the underlying urban feel?  Or have you decided to take a different creative route this time out?

You can expect the same personality from Complex Simplicity as far as my outlook on life, but I've tried some different sounds.  I really didn't set out to, I just wanted to present a musical journey of where I am right now in life.

3) It has been  a long time since we have spoken - 2004 to be exact.  What have you been dabbling in during that time and now?  With acting and music etc.  tell us–what has been keeping Teedra Moses busy?

I have been writing for other artists.  Working hard on the road, gaining fans and most importantly working hard to be the best mommy I an be to my twin boys.  Motherhood is my 1st great passion, everything else is inspired by it.

4) Miss Teedra, if it is one thing that I remember from our last encounter is that you are a fun, fearless and straight up person.  So straight up, tell me–when you are not thinking about music and studio time, what are you doing during "Teedra" time?  And it better be fun and fearless!

Sorry to disappoint, but my life is very NORM!  I love leisure things.  I like to lay in the sun listening to music.  I love lounge spots where I can hear different kinds of music and have martinis, the more relaxing the better.

5) Who on the scene, are you listening to right now?  Who inspires you to get in the studio and do the do?

I love Janelle Monae, I love Gnarls Barkley and Raheem DeVaughn and Jazmine Sullivan's voice is sick too.

6) My last proverbial question.  Name one album you keep close on a:

a) Melancholy day: Miles Davis - Kinda Blue 
b) Night to set the mood right: Prince's 1st album - For You
c) Funk down soiree: Gwen Stefani - Love, Angel, Music, Baby

Flashback of the day will have to be from the purple one himself, but the song that I wanted to bring to you does not have a video.  So since there is no video for "Soft and Wet", I will leave a tune that everyone knows and loves.  So what his lip syncin' is off, just enjoy it!  You will never get it like this again!

See y'all soon...

Tha Connoisseur 


Vivrant Thang said...

Folx LOVE Teedra. My concert review and videos for her last show here in DC are among the most hit on my site. I had that pic too and it stirred up a lot of attention :) I really hope that she gets things together and gives her fans some more music. They are REALLY missing her.

Tha Connoisseur said...

Ms. Thang: Fo sho, I second you on everything you said! Need some Teedra man...

RhythmicSoul said...

i absolutely ADORE teedra, ive had her album since it came way back in 04! Complex Simplicity is, in my opinion, one of THE most underrated albums of all time. The production from Raphael was immaculate! and "rescue me" is one of my fav songs of all time..we wont even get on "tale me"...this was great! thanks for sharing the interview with us!

Tha Connoisseur said...

Rhythmic: Teedra is serious man, I love her stuff and still can't stop playing Complex Simplicity. And it's even better when the artist is down to earth and chill, it made me love her and everything she is about even more. Can't wait to hear the new album - I'm glad you enjoyed the interview!