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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Monday Madness...

"Don't believe the hype!..."  Public Enemy - Don't Believe The Hype

I know, the quote was just too easy today - sorry.  I hope all the mother's out there had a fabulous Mother's Day.  

And here's Monday Madness, last weeks news that made me cringe, cuss or just shake my head.

1) Snoop Dogg on One Life To Live:  Alright, I am not a hater, at least I try not to be.  But Snoop on OLTL?  Oh no no NO!  I didn't have a problem with him performing his nauseating song "Sexual Seduction," (that's the original name) after all that is his bread and butter.  But when dude went and literally jacked up the show's theme song, I was quite irate.  His version did not even come close to anything remotely good.  Shame on those producers and such who allowed Mr. Dogg to do that to their theme song.  If it's one thing that I give Snoop accolades for, is his ability to spin anything and use his marketability to profit from it.  But THIS was some 'ish.  I am one for change, anyone that knows me is aware of that, but this was certainly a case of - if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

2) R Kelly and his pedophile ass:  I am hoping that this is the last time that I even have to give any kind of attention to this idiot on my page.  I do not and have not supported this man on his musical journey for a very long time now–genius or not.  I believe the last album that I own from this sicko is The Chocolate Factory and that's only because I had to review it for a magazine.  There is no way I would spend money to help his defense team get him off!  So to think that this idiot had the nerve to try and get his trial delayed YET again, just proves to me that he has something to hide.  And now news surfaces about a young lady who is going to testify to being a participant in a three way with The Pied Piper (he obviously didn't think out that nickname properly) is on the horizon.  Oh boy, Robert–just say it was you and deal with the consequences that your peeing-on-young-girls nasty self got into.  Dutty, just dutty.

3) Dereon's new girls collection:  Well when I saw this!!  This doesn't even need a link, just check out the picture below for yourself.  Tina and Beyonce need to quit with envisioning women with any sense, dressing their little daughters like hoochies in training!!  High ass heels and jeans with embroidery with heavy lip gloss on a five year old? WTF?!  There's the illusion of being a child imagining dressing up like mommy, but to have my kid in an ad looking like a two dollar ho ready for her booty shot is NOT becoming at all.  This is DUMBASSIDBRIE and BITCHASSNESS to the highest degree.  You think Jay would want his daughter looking like this?  B–get your independent ass outta here!

4) Arrest warrant out for crazy girl on Atlanta train:  This is what happens when your kids are exposed to crap on the radio like Soulja Boy.  This young lady basically verbally abused and berated an elderly woman on the train, she just lost control and went off on the unsuspecting woman and everyone else around her as you will see in the video.  Now there is an arrest warrant out for her...

But according to the update, her outburst was due to her being diagnosed as bi-polar and this is the result of her not taking her meds.  She is now in custody at the DeKalb County jail.  It is really sad to watch and her breakdown is not a joking matter.  That situation on the train could have gone so many ways, but thank god it didn't.  The whole situation was bad enough to watch.  I hope that she gets the help that she needs really, cause at this point that is the only way to go.

And that's all I will be reporting today y'all.  Here's the flashback of the day, one of my absolutely favorite musical geniuses.  Mr. Stevie Wonder doing his thing...

See y'all soon...

Tha Connoisseur 


Anonymous said...

Well, the ish don't stop and it don't quit! Yes, you have summed up all the unadulterated chupidness one can stend for a Monday! All of these individuals need a hot lash in dey tail! I had to get West Indian because all ah dem mad no ass! Please excuse the profanity online but there is no other way to express my disdain!

I do agrre that the girl on the subway needs help and it was a disturbing display to see. Hopefully she receives the proper care because the mental health issue is an increasing problem.

Keep the news reel rolling girl!

Tha Connoisseur said...

Anon: I'm tryin! Break out de West Indian yes!!

Yes I do hope that the young lady gets the help that she needs. Sometimes mental health issues are not taken seriously and the end result is not always a positive one.