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Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday Madness...

"Falling down ain't falling down if you don't cry when you hit the floor..."  Alicia Keys – Lesson Learned

Yes ladies and gents, it's that time again for Monday Madness–last weeks news that made me cringe, cuss or shake my head.

1) Atlanta "Crazy Girl" remix and clothing line:  When I read this, my stomach turned and I was so close to throwing up in my mouth it's not even funny.  How could someone actually go and capitalize off of someone's disability or disease?  To think that someone would actually remix the young lady's berating sad rant into a techno song AND then (yes it gets better!) make t-shirts to bankroll off of her misconduct is beyond me.  This idiot in the picture link would be the same MF'er that would wear a "FREE MY HERO R KELLY" shirt if there was one (give it time).  I didn't listen to the song, because I did not want to be delivered to hell in a hand basket.  What the hell is this world coming to when we literally kick the life out of a person when they are down, instead of helping with the issue at hand?  Apparently not everyone was taught, if you have nothing good to say (or do in this matter), do not do it AT ALL.  MY people, can we please get it together?

2) LeBron and his potty mouth:  I have to get West Indian on this one – WHOOOOOOOY this was a doozie.  I know I am well late with this, but I had to put my two cents in.  During a playoff game last Monday night against the Celtics, Lebron James was checked literally off of the court by Paul Pierce.  Now here's where it gets interesting.  It was a blatant foul that received a rousing reaction from the crowd and a particular woman, who you will see come up on the left side of the camera.  This woman was told to SIT YOUR ASS DOWN by Mr. James himself.  Now, I personally thought it was his wifey, but unbeknownst to me, it was his MOMMA Gloria!!  Good lord, LeBron done told his mom to sit her ass down.  Mind you, if it was his wife, it wouldn't be a good scene either, but his mother?!  Alright y'all, I don't know about you, but if that was me–I would be really busy picking up particles of my mouth on the court and the game would have to go to half time IMMEDIATELY!  Kuddos to LeBron for having the balls to do what he did, cause it wouldn't have been me!  And Mama James has to realize that her son is a NBA basketball player who can take care of himself and like he mentioned after the ordeal in interviews, he wants her around for future games.  And she did raise him right, this could have gone so many different ways, but look how the altercation ended:

3) Some things are MEANT to remain ol' school:  Let me paint a scenario for you.  A movie head honcho or executive sitting in their office overlooking whatever street in their smug and pretentious high rise, thinking hmmmm we have to find something that will appeal to the masses.  Something that will bring everyone together and have a feel good ending, basically we need something with box office potential.  I'VE GOT IT!  Let's bring Fraggle Rock and Electric Company to the big screen!!  I loved Electric Company, but Fraggle Rock?  No thank you and I honestly will not pay to see Electric Company on the big screen.  No I will not.  Why y'all, WHY!!!  If they can't find anything else to do with their funding, they can surely make a donation to Tha Connoisseur Foundation.  I am sure I can figure out some way more interesting things to do with the money.

4) Racial Obama t-shirts:  News has been spreading like peanut butter about these offensive t-shirts being sold in Marietta, Georgia.  It was someone's bright idea to put Curious George on a t-shirt with the caption "Obama '08" right underneath the picture.  Not funny at all.  I think that some people really like to push the envelope to see what can get a rise out of people.  You mean to tell me that this was not an unabashed disrespectful act on the seller's part?  Especially after dude said how Obama and the cartoon character look so much alike?  Wow...how do I reply to that?  Oh but wait, it gets worse...

5) Obama's dissidents:  A friend of mine sent this link to me (thanks Max) and upon watching it, I must say that I was more appalled rather than shocked at the reaction of these people in West Virginia.  It is no secret that racism is still alive and kicking in this day and age and that there is sooo much more work to be done in the struggle for equality.  The response from these ignorant, sad and unknowledgeable people is disheartening, yet we have to remember that it is not only prevalent there, but everywhere.  I think this also shows us that Barack Obama's road to the White House is indeed an uphill battle on roller skates, more so because you see this here on video rather than it being hearsay.  

We needed a feel good song today to get us through all of this mess and craziness going on in the world.  Landslides in China with 200 relief workers now missing, trying to save those trapped from the earthquake, the monsoon in Myanmar, shootings in Philly and Chicago...it's just too much.  My prayers go out to those in need.  As many problems as we have over here, we sometimes tend to take too much for granted...all we can do is hope tomorrow will be a brighter day.

Have a good one y'all...

Tha Connoisseur 


QH said...

I chuckled at the ignorance of some these. Sometimes people surprise with their stupidity.-QH

Tha Connoisseur said...

QH: Ain't that the truth!

Anonymous said...

Ok..so I am sorry I cannot laugh at the whole West Virginia rant..having lived a stone throw away from WV for a couple of years, I know first hand what kind of predjuduce exists over there.. This sickens me and makes me so upset that these uneducated, inbred people would dare speak ill of Obama as a candidate. Most of these people have not left their little trailer park and will never do so in their lifetime. I feel that everyone has a right to their opinion but frankly these people are clearly not basing their opinions on factual information..he is not american, he is muslim, he cannot sing the star spangled freaking banner...look I best stop cause these fools are not worth it.

Tha Connoisseur said...

Anon: Oh it's not a laughing matter at all. I can't even explain the feeling that came over me when I watched it. We know it exists but the blatant disrespect and uneducated comments made were just disgusting. You are right, they are not worth it at all, but you know the unfortunate reality that we are faced with on the daily. Even when we are not aware of it. Thanks for sharing!

Vivrant Thang said...

Girl you had me ready to go through the screen at those ignorant WV folks. I'm not surprised but it still burns my butt...and frankly, has me VERY worried. Uphill battle is an understatement.

I know that's his Momma but she has showed her ASS on more than one occasion. Ghettofabulous is not the word for her. His adrenaline was pumping is all but he is lucky she didn't slap the taste out his mouth on the court.

I've written on mental illness. It's a serious matter indeed and not a joke.

Tha Connoisseur said...

Ms Thang: No joke huh? I seriously didn't even know how to respond to my friend when he sent it, I was just so disgusted.

I think the whole incident with the young lady was taken as a big joke and that is where the problem lies right there.