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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Farewell 2008...

"Get ready, tonight.  Gonna make this a night to remember..." A Night To Remember - Shalamar

I am actually looking forward to tomorrow night.  Another year has passed and I have no idea where it went to.  This year brought about phenomenal new friendships, amazing personal revelations and a blueprint for what I have yet to achieve come 2009.  I have so many dreams on the horizon and my list grows every time I cross out a completed goal.  I allow no one or anything to stand in my way, I am too ambitious for that.  I have also decided to do some end of year cleansing and cut off or let go some of the vampires that I have in my life.  It's all for the better, new beginnings and such for 2009.  Just living my life.

So with that cleanse in mind, I was going through some of my concert clips on Ivory and realized there are quite a few that I have not shared with you.  Instead of bringing you my top tens of 2008, I have decided to give you a taste of a few artists that you will be sure to read more about here in 2009 and a few snippets from concerts I thoroughly enjoyed this year.

1) Eric Benet at B.B. Kings killing his next single, "Chocolate Legs."

2) Lorenda Robinson from Brown Baby Girl broke down "What You Won't Do For Love" @ Billie's Black: 

3) At the Brown Baby Girl show, Kimberly Nichole made "Love Without A Limit" her own.

4) The beautiful Mika sang one of her new songs from her forthcoming album to be released next summer, entitled "Summer Love" @ Billie's Black:

5) Here is Grammy Nominated Wayna singing her nominated track "Loving You (Music) @ Billie's Black (sorry it's a bit dark):

6) And lastly, I saw the marvelous diva herself Chaka Khan.  I was grinning from ear to ear.  This was the ONLY snippet I was able to get because of her stage po-po at the front.

These are a handful of snippets from the slew of shows I was lucky enough to see this year. Earth, Wind & Fire, MAXWELL, GEORGE MICHAEL, Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Billy Joel, The Police, PJ Morton, Big Daddy Kane, Wayna, Mika, Eric Benet, Monica, Dru Hill (yes, them), Mint Condition and the list goes on - it has been a very musical year.  Next year is only a day away.

On that note, I would like to wish everyone a safe and prosperous New Year.  May the New Year bring to you, everything positive that you put out in the universe to receive.  

See y'all soon...

Tha Connoisseur 


Revvy Rev said...

Have a blessed New Year. I enjoy your blog immensely.

Tha Connoisseur said...

@Rev: You really know how to make a sista blush. Thank you so much, that right there makes me day.

You have a blessed New Year as well Revvy!

Marvalus said...

Happy New Year! I'm so glad I found you this year!

Many blessings to you!

Tha Connoisseur said...

@Marv: Thank you lovely! Very happy that you stumbled upon my page! I have been very fortunate to partake in OSF and add your blog to my daily readings. I salute and thank you. xoxo

Happy New Year!

GeminiTwinPower said...

Many blessings to you my sister! May 2009 bring you all that you deserve. You are a beautiful woman on the inside and out.

Tha Connoisseur said...

@Gemini: Thank you so much lovely, to you too! **black woman blushing**


Diggin the recap of music for '08! I know I'll see at the Mint concert on the 17th, right? I'll be front and center...check for me! :)

Tha Connoisseur said...

@Cap: I am doing the DC thing and I might be gone by then, however I am in the midst of my plans. I will let you know FOR SURE!! :)