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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Monday Madness...

"Video killed the radio star..."  Video Killed The Radio Star - The Buggles

I know, this one is quite obvious but my brain has been void of any type of creative flow for the day.  So bear with me.  At least this week y'all have a few things to look forward to - a review on PJ Morton's show I caught last Thursday and a little write up on Common's Listening Party for "Universal Mind Control" that I will be attending tonight.

During the week, for some odd reason, I have fallen upon some vids that had me falling off of my seat and breaking out into a laughing and coughing fit.  I figured since there wasn't that much on the news front that really tickled my fancy this week (why babble about the obvious stupidity of O.J. or Plaxico), why not share the vids so you can all get a good laugh?  It is Monday after all, so we can all do for a joke or two or three..

On that note, here is your installment of Monday Madness in video.  The news that made me cuss, cringe and shake my head (and reel and kick up!!).

1) Colbert vs Kanye: This is just too PRECIOUS.  One delightful day last week on Twitter, Kanye left a message asking "Who the fuck is Stephen Colbert?" - now of course someone went and did the research for all of us as to why Kanye was so incensed about Mr. Colbert.  Well, this was the reason.  Let me entertain you...

2) McDonalds really did it this time: My Canadian readers will understand when I say that sometimes we are just lucky that some programming does not reach our airwaves.  Let us take this McDonalds commercial for example.  It is the epitome of cheese and stank athletes foot.  And to make it worse, I am hearing that my boy Ne-Yo wrote it??  If that is the truth, he just lost some points in my book.  I detest this commercial that is being driven into my brain at least every other hour by some broadcasting network.  Not impressed, but it sure is corny - the dude is singing about McNuggets!  The commercial is called...wait for it...McNuggets Love.

3) The Ad Council: So much fun!!  My sister kept on talking about this commercial when she was up here and I never had the chance to see it, until recently.  I L-O-V-E it.  I think it really speaks for itself.  It is an ad focusing on the troubling statistic of families coping with the absence of a patriarchal presence.  It is not just in America, but it should resonate everywhere.  This add just puts a big ol' uncontrollable smile on my face.  I know it's only a commercial, but if only we had more like him...

4) Oh Mother of Satan I rebuke thee!!: I have no idea what to say about this one.  I know that everyone has to channel their creativity in which ever way they see fit.  Nonetheless, when I saw this video?  I was...speechless.   And I will tell you what I told my friend after I saw the video: "Prince is in a corner somewhere rocking back and forth."  And that is all I will say on this.  Here, take a look for yourself, at Supa Nova Slom.  I couldn't even watch the whole video...LOL (thanks Buttababy).

5) Star Wars is killah...if you didn't know...: We are obviously not the only one's that enjoy good music.  I was watching Return of the Jedi yet again the other night and I completely forgot about this scene!!  It brought me right back to my childhood, not to mention The Max Rebo Band was SERIOUS.  A touch of jazz and funk, okay not in english of course, but funkay nonetheless.  And with their own Alvin Ailey dancer in the background?  It can't get any better than that!

Flashback of the day:  I am in a hip hop mood and I am getting ready to immerse myself in Common's world tonight.  So, I thought I would dig in the crate and go waaay back with my favorite track by Chubb Rock.

See y'all later...

Tha Connoisseur 


Anonymous said...

The thing is this is the only wack song Supa Nova Slom has ever done. He actually highly respected among rappers and many neo-soul artists. He is pretty bad-ass

Tha Connoisseur said...

@Anon:Yes, I did read up on him and realized that he is hailed up by a lot of respectable cats in the industry. I am gong to take it upon myself to view a few more of his songs, but you said it best - this one here - is WACK!