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Friday, December 19, 2008

Old School Friday:Tis The Season And Stuff...

Friday is here and this may very well be the shortest entry you will ever see from me.  Today's OSF theme is: Favorite Christmas Song.

To be honest, Christmas has not been the same for me for quite some time now.  It isn't that jolly holiday that I used to look forward to.  However, I do give thanks for being able bodied to visit my family and share in love, food and company.  What more could I say or want?

I have been steering clear of playing parang (West Indian Christmas Carols for those who do not know) or Christmas Carols on the whole.  My cousins even went so far as to call me Scrooge...lol  But everyone understands it's a tough time of year for me, so I deal and we move on.

Contrary to my mood and ranting, I do have a couple of favorite Christmas Carols to share. 

I love this movie and just watched it the other day for the umpteenth time. Will Ferrel is PRECIOUS and always manages to make me smile.

And my other song: I heart this album and play it every single year without fail.  

Check out the other fabulous OSF participants here.  Have a great weekend...

Tha Connoisseur 


ad said...

Thanks for my first laugh of the day, sweets. Will Farrell did the trick - as usual.

Bah humbug!

(ps. call if you're in Mtl and you have a few hours to waste with an old friend :))

Revvy Rev said...

The Boyz II Men, I can put on in a loop to play endlessly over and over. I don't know what it is about the song. Will Ferrel makes me laugh. I guess we need both at Christmas. Happy OSF! Enjoy your Holidays, and as you have said - being thankful for the things that you do have.

Hagar's Daughter said...

Tis the season to be grateful for what we have and what we have learned throughout the year.

Enjoy your family and friends and thanks for the Will Ferrell clip; it put a smile on my face.

Tha Connoisseur said...

@ad: You know I will be calling you my love. I love Elf...LOL always has me in stitches.

@Rev: When that album came out, I drove everyone NUTS. I sometimes sneak a play in during the summer (don't tell anybody...lol). Happy Holidays to you too Rev!

@Hagar: I am grateful every single day my lady! I am so happy that I have accomplished what I was trying to achieve - have everyone smiling. :)

Marvalus said...

Kindred spirits, you and I...I play that Boys II Men CD like it is running water! Christmas doesn't start for me until I hear it...and there is a whole ritual built around it...I used to drive my ex-husband crazy!

Bless you darling...Happy Holidays!

Regina said...

Will Ferrel is a NUT!!
I love "Let It Snow" that is one of my favorite Christmas songs!

Tha Connoisseur said...

@Marv: We knew this from the get go girl. Remember it started with Eric Benet! :)

@Regina: He is and I love him so for being one...lol