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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Monday Madness Is Here Again...

"Happy days are here again, looks like this love of ours will never ever end..." Happy Days - Silk

Yes indeed, your Monday Madness is back.  I figured after all of the bingeing, gluttony, shopping, bruising, indulging and what not, a few good jokes will help with the digestion process.  And for my peeps who already had their (our, I get the best of both worlds) Thanksgiving in October, you get jokes for free!  

In the past couple of weeks, I have missed inserting my two cents on a whole catalogue of news.  Apparently the dumb ass people in the world just refuse to take a break and go on vacay, which leaves me with no choice BUT to give it to you how I see it.  Remember, this is just my opinion.

So here is Monday Madness - the news that made me cuss, cringe and shake my head.

***Update***  I am a bit late with this one, but obviously the Whitney Houston pic was not what it was, but we did have some fun with it!  Miss Anon was right in the comments.  Read here for the update.  Some people just don't have anything to do with their time. (www.bossip.com)

1) Fukkin Heathens! : I am so sorry I had to start off cussin, however that is what Monday Madness is all about yes?  I am truly disgusted with people who have no type of qualms at all or respectable behavior when it comes to a sale.  Yes, I said it - a discounted price on an object.  I am sure many of you have heard about the trampling situation at a Long Island Wal-mart.  Things just got out of hand on Black Friday, to the point where a part time maintenance man was trampled to death, a pregnant woman was caught up in the melee and 3 other people suffered minor injuries.  Are you serious?  A SALE made your animal instinct surface and kill and injure people?  I think that some realizations have to be made here, because that is just irresponsible and utterly ridiculous.  So sad.  My prayers go out to the families involved. 

**I also send out my prayers to those who lost life in Mumbai. Shocking and senseless...***

2) Why Raheem, WHY!!?: I love (perhaps loved?) this artist and was behind his music 100%, until this grave mistake.  He paired up with one of the two people (I refuse to say artist, again my opinion) I detest in the music game today.  Raheem, sweet Raheem, paired with T-Pain of all people to bring forth the debauchery of a song entitled "Club Hop."  I find that Raheem always did better with slow tracks rather than up-tempo, but to add that buffoonery to the mix, just straight up sealed the FAIL deal for me.  Want to check out the song, click here and good luck! :) (www.soulbounce.com)

3) John Legend...ummm...well...: My people's know how I feel about John Legend.  I seem to have a continuing love/detest (hate is a strong word) relationship with him.  Detest him because he tends to go a bit Broadway-ish with his voice (I thank my ex for pointing that out) and love him because you just cannot dislike tracks like "Heaven," "Used To Love U," and the funky "Greenlight" featuring Andre 3000.  I will add though, that Evolver is that 'ish!!  Love the new album.  However, I did stumble upon this and had to share it.  I love Stephen Colbert, he's an ass!  I am not sure if it is plain ol' sugary John or if it is actually chuckle worthy.  At least he can make fun of himself and that is important!  You decide.

4) Japanese dancehall...LIIIIIIIGHTAAAH!:  Just warning you, this may be a bit too much for the sensitive ones.  I think a lot of people are not hip to the fact that Japan has a serious reggae following.  They do NOT ramp with their reggae, especially dancehall.  Did y'all know that the dancehall queen for 2002 and '03 were both Japanese?  Junko and Keiva The Diva apparently "represented" for Japan (I have no idea how true that is, you would have to look it up), making Junko the first non-Jamaican woman to win the title.  A lot of people are wholeheartedly into the dancehall scene and this video right here, gives us a little peek into the world of dancehall in Japan.  NOT Jamaica, just reminding you, it is in Japan.  Again, not for the sensitive ones (Thanks DJ Diva...lol).

5) JOKES!!: I have been trying to end my Monday Madness entries on a comical note and this week is no different.  My girl sent this to me and I was in STITCHES!!  I am not a connoisseur of the classical persuasion, however I do have a few tunes that I listen to and are knowledgeable about.  This composition being one of them.  O Fortuna is actually a poem that was set to classcial compositions and has been used in various ads and such.  One listen and you will know what I am talking about.  Anyhow, this remix right here?  Classic.

Flashback of the day:  This man was slick in the time of well dressed R&B crooners.  Okay, we can look over the permed hair, but he was always impeccably dressed and brought the T-U-N-E-S.

See y'all soon...

Tha Connoisseur 


ad said...

I'm sorry, I tried to read the whole post, but the Japanese reggae business threw me off...

[ahem, clearing throat]: WTF????

Two things:
1) If you have no booty, don't be shaking in the camera like that. Seriously. Get your skinny a** back to your Japanese highrise before you get slapped...

2) I kept waiting for Hello Kitty somewhere. With dreads, of course. No Hello Kitty...

Tha Connoisseur said...


And you do know that the hot thing in Japan is getting an afro perm or locs? Boy, thank god I am all naturally ME. Wouldn't change anything for the world. :)

Hello Kitty would run the France out of there, trust in that!

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is HOT MESS to the Hirojuko girls trying to buss ah whine for dem! No,no,no! They can't whine and they don't realize that! And let's just have a moment of silence for the screams of terror being passed off as singing to those boyz! Nice try but NAH!

That poem was priceless! I could not stop laughing. I agree with ad in that I was too distracted and disturbed by the skinny whining crew to read it all!

Tha Connoisseur said...

@Anon: Hot mess in truth! I just don't get it. I love reggae and old school dancehall (since the stuff nowadays makes my ears bleed), but wow...perhaps I will just never understand.

I love the O Fortuna remix!! Can't stop laughing.