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Sunday, November 16, 2008

So Much To Share...

"They've got so much things to say right now, they got so much things to say..."  So Much Things To Say - Bob Marley

I have had a busy week, traipsing to quite a few shows last week.  So today, I decided to forfeit Monday Madness for a quick rundown of what was going on musically in my week.  Receiving my Monday rants and what not I am sure is quite rewarding on a dreary Monday morning, however I feel confident that you love receiving music tidbits even more!  You can hear my rants any day, since everyone knows that I have SO much to say.

First off, I mentioned that I was going to a ONUTSS listening party for Wayna and Mika.  And what a session it was.  Harlem diva Mika was up first with her sultry voice killing us softly with her tracks "Summer Love" and "Loving You Is Easy."  Mika's album is not released as yet, but will be available next summer.  She is hard at work on her baby and we were treated to a glimpse of what to expect.  I am looking forward to her release.  A voice that is smooth, controlled and seductive.  In the mean and in between time, you can catch her at Billie's Black on Friday November 21st.  If you would like more information on Mika, you can find it on her MySpace page here.  Ethiopian beauty Wayna took the stage with her honey-tinged voice and did the damn thing.  With the release of her new album "Higher Ground" riding Billboard's Hot R&B Single's list, it is just the beginning for the songbird.  Wayna shared her passionate version of Minnie Riperton's "Loving You" and a fun track entitled "Mr. Duracell."  If you do not have the album as yet, you can first visit her MySpace page to hear a few tracks and THEN go get it.  It is an eclectic blend of tracks with a touch of jazz, love, social commentary and soul.  It is presently on heavy rotation on Tangie.  I had an opportunity to chat it up with her for a bit and she is such a beautiful spirit.  I will have a "6 Questions With" coming up with her very soon.  Stay tuned.

Wayna and I

Next on the horizon, I was up at Frank's Cocktail on Saturday night covering Kameron Corvet, KuKu and Tomas Doncker.  There is sooo much to write on that, but lucky for me, I have a review to do for 4dasoul.com  I will let you know when the review is up.  But believe me when I say this - Kameron Corvet is not only VERY easy on the eyes, but the man can sing his ass off.  And boy can he strum the hell out of a guitar.  We all know how I am a stickler for a serious acoustic set.  He is a sweet and humble dude as well.  I think for me, when an artist is down to earth, easy to communicate with and just your average joe - it makes them even more likable.  I am a people person after all!  And that theme reverberated right through the line of artists Saturday night.  The acoustic sets from all three artists were CRAZY.  My girl, the talented and wonderful Monet went up and jammed with Kuku and Tomas Doncker on her flute.  It was just a funky good time.  I will not say anymore, but my review should be up soon.  Here is a group pic:

from left to right: Kameron Corvet, Monet, Tomas Doncker and KuKu.

Myself and Kameron Corvet

Monet, KuKu and Myself

Flashback of the day:  I am sooo in a hip hop mood, it's no joke.  I went to see Big Daddy Kane on Friday night and I am STILL floating.  I will most definitely have a write up for you on Wednesday, because I just can't let that night in hip hop history pass without addressing it.  So with that said, here is some BDK for ya - 

BDK review on Wednesday.  

See y'all soon...

Tha Connoisseur


Vivrant Thang said...

Lord I am spent indeed! You had a musically delicious week Missy. Wayna is indeed a beautiful spirit and I'm glad you got to interact with her offstage. I will definitely have to check out some of the other artists you mentioned that I'm not familiar with. I have yet to catch a Kuku set! I gotta get with it!

Tha Connoisseur said...

Ms Thang: I sure did! Was damn tired by Sunday, but it was well worth it! Get on it and let me know how you like! :)