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Monday, August 18, 2008

The Shame, The Embarrassment...Vindication=Earth Wind & Fire!

"You will find, peace of mind, if you look way down in your heart and soul..." That's The Way of The World - Earth Wind & Fire

This is just shameful, I should really be ashamed of myself.  There is no excuse I know, but I will still try my best to come up with a good one.  Hmmm...thought about it...and nope, sorry - nothing.  Alright, here it is again, with my tail in between my legs - I'M SORRY!!

As you can see by the above date, I had good intentions.  However today is Thursday, no you are not loosing it.  So it's been about a week and change and I have left my page barren like Old Mother Hubbard's cupboard.  I am surprised I still have readers.  I know there is no Monday Madness to redeem myself, however I figured if I left some video and a little write up of my time with Earth Wind & Fire, I will be vindicated.  

So as of now, it has been 11 days since I saw Earth Wind & Fire at Casino Rama.  I still do not understand why a place like Casino Rama would have such prominent acts at their venue.  But then again, we all understand the ploy of drawing in the patrons so that they can spend all of their hard earned money at the casino slot machines.  And another point to mention - they do have a concert hall, a really nice one actually.  I just shake my head at the fact that everyone has to drive 2 hours (from Toronto) and maybe longer from other surrounding areas to get to Orillia.  Anywho, that is where I was driven to for this show.  So enough of the ranting and on about the show.

Just a side note: Apology from the jump: these vids did not come out too clear.  

Many people have asked me how come I don't take longer clips of songs for your listening pleasure.  To be honest, the reason is - I can't stay still long enough.  It's bad enough that there is excessive shaking for the 21 to 40 seconds of the chorus that I do tape.  However, you try standing still taping "Boogie Wonderland" while it is blaring in your ears.  Unless you are dead, there is no way that you cannot move to that funk.  And people, I am a gal who likes to shake her ass.

Our seats were not that great compared to my usual concert seat selection.  That would be because I found out about the show last minute and my girl and I were quite happy to take what we got.  And thank god we did, because both shows ended up being sold out.  It was a great show from beginning to end and I was pretty much taken aback from how good they sounded.  Phillip Bailey can still hit those high notes like it ain't a joke.  The last time I saw him perform was on a tribute show on BET I believe it was (trust me it was a long time ago, because that channel is not listed as one of my favorites in my daily viewing pleasure) and he sort of missed the note he was trying to hit.  Therefore at his attempt at the concert, I was getting ready for a few cracks and shrills.  But much to my delight, he hit every which one of those notes.  Here, listen for yourself:

"Boogie Wonderland"

There was a great duet by Phillip Bailey and Ralph Johnson midway through the show.  Phillip on vocals and percussion and Ralph on drums.  It was amazing and of course, I was so entranced by the whole thing I have no vid - sorry.  HOWEVER, I did manage to get a segment of the show that I labelled "grown folk" music.  It just blew my mind and I got to thinking about the intricacies of a band.  Each person has to be able to stand out on their own, yet at the same time come together as one and blend in seamlessly as a group.  Amazing.  

Bobby Burns Jr making his trumpet cry for mercy.

And Blogger is playing the ass with me yet again, so I am not able to post my other vids or pics.  I guess 2 vids out of 5 is better than nothing at all.

I think the only complaint that I have is that I did not hear neither of my favorite slow tracks.  They skipped over "Can't Hide Love" (how do you skip over that?!) and "Love's Holiday."  Two EW&F gems!  But hey, I am still living and unfortunately they can't play all of their hits.  Earth Wind & Fire did what they came to do and did it well.  After I lost my hard earned money at the slot machines, breaking my casino winning streak - it was time to get the hell outta dodge.  I had a great time and who knows, I just might find my tail back at Casino Rama again for another concert.  

You can check out my full concert review on Earth Wind & Fire here, at Soultracks.com

Flashback of the day: Seeing that I did not get to hear my jam, here it is for your and my listening pleasure.

See y'all soon (ah promise!!!)...

Tha Connoisseur 


QH said...

I saw them last June and interviewed Verdine White for an article I wrote about the show. Great show, great experience. And the "I Am" is one of my favorite EWF LP's.-QH

Tha Connoisseur said...

qh: Niiiice! I was quite impressed with the show, it was wicked. Grown folk music all the way through...