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Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Madness...Well It's Here Ain't It??

"Confusion never stops, closing walls and ticking clocks..."  Clocks - Coldplay

I will get straight to it - I joined Facebook.  And they say a Blackberry has addictive tendencies.  Don't get me wrong, I am certainly addicted to my Crackberry (or as I lovingly call her-Sienna), however this Facebook crap is certainly creeping up to a close second on my "I am an addict of..." listing.  And yes I have been a naysayer for the longest time, receiving a Pinta load of invites for this thing since its inception.  And me being the stubborn mule that I am, said HELL TO THE NAH.  Well I broke down and joined a couple of weeks ago for networking purposes (yes that's what I'm calling it) and boy oh boy.  I have been able to touch base with some pretty special people in my life with whom I have lost touch with over the years.  I will admit that I am having fun, but I will not be on the Facebook bandwagon telling everyone and their mother,father and donkey to join.  Sorry, that's just not me.  Nonetheless, I will continue enjoying it until I decide to shut down that Mutha.

Alright, with all of that said here is Monday Madness-last weeks news that made me cuss cringe or shake my head:

1)  Another wretched musical abomination: Why oh why do we need Girlicious?  Where the france did that one come from?  I will admit that I did watch the previous nonsense for the search for "The Next Member of Nicole's Group."  But this??!!  Well I happened to catch a bit from the last show and I almost pitched something at the lovely 42" flat screen that does not belong to me.  When Robin declared to what's her face that her weakness was being a weak singer (and I have heard this young lady on the mic before, weakness is being polite) I was thinking alright, she's gone.  But Robin kept the damn chick in her group!  Knowing well that her voice sucks.  Now I am sorry, that shows us how the music industry is quick to put something together fast that "looks good" (and this really doesn't but hey...that's my opinion) but doesn't sound good.  So we all know that this singingless (new word) chick will be strewn into a song by TECHNOLOGY for a long breath in the chorus or a chooing "oohhh" or "ahhhh" 'cause her ass can't sing!!  Much to the chagrin of my girl Adri and I (and I say this QUITE sarcastically), this atrocity has to stop.  Stop putting this crap on TV, enough is enough.  Where is a good episode of Heros or CSI when you need it?

2) I thought this was PRECIOUS: I am a fan of Terrance Howard, really I am.  I absolutely loved him in "The Best Man."  I always wondered how long it took him to learn that guitar solo he did in the movie, it was wicked!  And now Mr. Howard has decided to release an album.  Hmmm, after listening to this I am not quite sure that was such a good idea.  I thought he would stick to solos and such, NOT singing.  But we of course could be so lucky.  Check out the vid below and let me know what you think.  Personally, I think that it is on some Kraft Macaroni and Cheese bullish and he could have come out MUCH harder acoustically than that because he can actually play the hell out of a guitar.  Dahlin, please please keep your day job.  Guess it's hard out there being a pimp in truth...

3) WHY WHY WHY!!!!!: If I start blogging on this wholeheartedly, this blog will turn into a comedic movie script.  I especially love how he says "rappers are swagger-jacking his signature singing style...stealing the T-Pain effect..."  W-T-F!!???  Are you serious??  Ummm one, you can't sing WITHOUT a vocoder!  And buddy you are not the first to use it (Roger Troutman, Midnight Star, Teddy Riley and so many more quality artists BEFORE you for god's sake!)  and there is no thought process to your lyrics!!!  I am spent.  Just read this and get a good laugh...(SOHH.com)

4) Speechless, yet not surprised: For us Torontonians and everyone else who caught this show out there, go back a bit with me.  Last year at the Ice Cream Tour we were subjected to one of the worst performances that Toronto has ever seen.  K-Ci and JoJo from Jodeci were on the bill and oh wow, I was so disgusted yet sad that they had come to this.  A duo with an amazing debut album and from one of the best groups in the 90's, totally effed up the whole show.  JoJo had seriously looked like he had a day pass from whatever hospital and did not look or sound well.  And K-Ci had been flying around the stage and into the crowd screaming like he was high off of something.  Well this clip below kind of sums up a lot really.  You will unfortunately have to watch it as far as the 1:53 mark.  Man so sad...and K-Ci doesn't even do anything!!!  Wow...you know everyone who used "All My Life" at their wedding is well vex, because it just doesn't mean the same anymore.  I hope they both get the help that they obviously need.

5) I think I just threw up in my mouth yet again: Brandy's little brother did it again.  I am going to be honest, since there is no other way for me to be.  I am not really a Brandy fan anymore.  I used to be, until the day I interviewed her.  Everything kind of went down the drain for me and I have not supported anything she has done after "Never Say Never" anyhow.  And as for her brother's antics, I just don't get it.  In case y'all don't know here is a summation: Dude had a sex tape with Kim Kardashian, was offered to pose in Playboy, is supposed to be packing like a 20 incher in his pants, is with his suga mama Whitney Houston and can't sing a lick but had a few chart hits.  Ray J has inked a deal with VH1 for his own dating show.  Come on, wasn't Flavor Flav enough!?  All we need is another misrepresentation from an idiot of a black man about "how to get a stoopid attention grabbing woman in X amount of days."  Talk about the degradation of Black Love.

Flashback of the day:

Here's how Midnight Star used to do it!  Gotta love pastels...:

See y'all soon...

Tha Conoisseur 


ad said...

Ummm, something about the T Howard creeped me out. Too much polish, not enough soul. That being said - it could very well show up in an insurance commercial or an episode of Ghost Whisperer...

(PS. not a compliment)

Tha Connoisseur said...

ad: OH LAWD...I am dying over here...lmao