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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Monday Madness!

"Hit you with no delayin' so what ya sayin' yo..." Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See - Busta Rhymes

FIRST AND FOREMOST: We lost two very talented people this weekend - Bernie Mac and Issac Hayes. My favorite Bernie Mac line is from Kings of Comedy. Y'all have to remember the scene where he talks about the two badasses he adopted from his sister. Just remembering him cooing about the little boy going downstairs to get some "Milk n' cuuuuukies" has me in stitches everytime I think about it. That along with the stuttering little boy and the school bus...classic Bernie.

My favorite Issac Hayes thing would be anything composed by him. You can tell when Isaac put his touch on any instrumental from Shaft's theme to Alicia Keys' "Rock With You". And I cannot lie, I was a big South Park viewer for a bit and still am off and on. Chef kills me with his nasty self.

We will miss these talents greatly. Rest well.

Now, you guys have to be proud of me-I have managed to bring Monday Madness to you on time. The snag is trying to do the same thing next Monday. Please, do not hold me to anything...

Here is Monday Madness, the news that made me cuss, cringe and just shake my head...

1) This HAD to be first: I just had to share, because I did not want to be the only one sitting here having all the fun. I was reading up on my updates from my people's over at Soulbounce.com, only to find out that they have a wonderfully stupendous name for my favorite ass of all, Robert "Ze Pedo" Kelly. I sure think that Chester The Child Molester is one that will make you fall off your seat. Or is it just me and my sick sense of humor acting up again. Oh how I love Soulbounce, let me count the ways...And to add to my R. Kelly disdain, one of my favorite r&b sangers-Joe, is sharing with us that Chester himself was behind a lot of tomfoolery and bitchassness over at Jive records in relation to Joe's work. Check it out here. (eurweb.com)

2) For the love of airbrushing!!! WTF!!:

Do you seriously want me to comment on this here! I found a pic for Fashion Rocks of Miss Mariah Carey too, but I am still trying to figure out if that is actually HER in the picture. My my, I did not even know PCD were still prancing around doing whatever it is they do. And look at the pretty bikes, like the first inital is supposed to help me remember the rest of the 'other' Cats, names. Nicole is the singer. Period. And K, J, M and A are the back up dancers. Can't pull the wool over our eyes on this one. Music and its sad state of affairs...

3) You lost me on this one Matthew, however there is always choice and this is his: Apparently Matthew McConnaughey is going the extra mile for that "New Father Of The Year Award". Now I am not one to believe everything I read, but this one is something that made me shake my head and then some regardless. Besides, this is supposedly from an interview that will be airing soon. Matthew took his son's placenta home to plant in his orchard. Yes, you read this right. Wow, that brings a whole new meaning to fertilized crop. If you would like to read more, dare to click here. (yahoo.com)

4) Perhaps it's just me...: I was walking down the street the other day and noticed the ad for A&E's new drama The Cleaner starring Mr. Handsome himself, Benjamin Bratt. Now please, correct me if you think I am wrong. I was staring at the ad thinking to myself, how familiar the shot looked to me, only to remember that Hotlanta photog extraordinaire DBlanks shot something very similar in his last sessions with Ciara a while back.. Here is the A&E ad:

And this is the Derek Blanks shot of Ciara:

Again, tell me if it is just me.

5) Joke of all jokes...: During Caribana, an american man was arrested for speeding (150 mph plus!!). He was arrested under the street racing laws that came into effect this year. The gentleman's license was suspended and his car was impounded for 7 days. His reason for speeding...and please, try not to laugh too hard. His reasoning was: "he ate some corn soup that ran his belly and he was speeding to find a washroom to go do the business in". It just doesn't get any better than that.

Flashback of the day: I had to go with classic Janet here, because I saw the video the other day and it brought back some dancing memories. Ahhh to be young again...

See y'all soon...

Tha Connoisseur


ad said...

No, sweetness, it's not just you. Oy.

Tha Connoisseur said...

ad: Wicked stuff, good to know!

Vivrant Thang said...

Hey lady!

That Matt M mess disturbed me as well. These celebs are a bunch of nuts I tell you.

I don't blame that man for speeding like a bat out of hell. I've been there!

I'm glad to see you're getting back to yourself. I've been sticking with music posts lately because I have TOO much on my mind to write anything personal. I don't know what will come spilling out.

QH said...

PCD is lame. GO JJ! WOO!-QH

Tha Connoisseur said...

Ms Thang: No comment when it comes to these celebs.

I'm trying to do the do girl, trying! :)

qh: It's all about Penny hun...lol