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Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday Madness A Bit Late...Again...

"You spin me right round baby, right round like a record baby, right round, round, round..."  You Spin Me Round - Dead Or Alive

That is exactly how I feel right now, like I am going around in circles.  Everything I see on TV, hear on radio, witness people who do not hear, feel the consequences of their decisions - it's the same old thing.  Same shit different day.  I am trying my best to keep myself out of that equation, since I am the type who likes change and likes to keep things spicy.  I do not do too well with the status quo.  But hey, that is the way of the world and it is up to us, individually, to do what we were put here to do.  I try every day to do my part, do you?

Alright, enough of the psychobabble, here is Monday Madness - the things that made me cringe, cuss or just shake my head...

By the way, this installment goes out to my peoples at 90Degrees Design and Marketing ltd. in my hometown Montreal.  I was told that Alex is a fan of my rants.  So Alex, hope you enjoy my sarcastic bits today!  On with the show!

1) CNN's "Black In America":  I have no idea what CNN was trying to accomplish with their documentary "Black In America", I personally found it to be extremely depressing.  Again, for the mere fact that we already know what is going on across the border.  And those who are blind to what is going on, I really have no response for you.  However, for those of us who live in the here and now and the reality of it all, I am sure it was not an eye opener as CNN thought it was going to be.  If you want more information on the program and their information boards, check out CNN.com

2) All These Fake Ass Rappers: I give up, really I do.  Why are we so wrapped up in how long a rappers "wrap" sheet is?  And to make things worse, when they lie about it, we (well, not me...) get all twisted up and shocked when we hear they are fakers in the game.  For instance, there is word out regarding Rick Ross being a correctional officer in his past life.  However, Mr. William Leonard Roberts (god forbid I call him that) claims that he was a hardcore drug dealer blah blah blah and that he was never, NEVER a correctional officer.  But leave it to TheSmokingGun.com to do what they do and obtain refutable info.  I mean come on, that would ruin his reputation wouldn't it?  It would be HORRIBLE for him to actually be making a decent living like everyone else.  Dude went to college!!  Yes college!!  And to study what you may ask?  Get this - CRIMINAL LAW!  And you wouldn't be proud of that?  I don't understand, am I missing something?

3) Another lying Summa Mumma Ding Ding:  Rapper Piles is another one who proclaims that he is a "goon affiliated ex-drug dealer", but another site has found the contrary.  Apparently, his run ins with the law did not begin until he started his climb on the charts, what a co-in-qui-dink.  This one unfortunately just happens to be born the day before me.  Wonderful.  Don't these guys know that a little sense goes a long way?  With Lil' Wayne rapping about "I'm a young money millionaire, stronger than Nigerian hair"  Ummm, stronger than Nigerian hair?  Shit, I better call Diddy to produce my shit Q-U-I-C-K.  And this is why I don't listen to whatever it is they call "rap" nowadays.  Well, not the regurgitated crap you hear that is.  Is it just me or am I getting old?

4) Whitney's comeback, ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!!: I just listened to Whitney Houston's new song on one of my favorite sites Concrete Loop.  What a hot mess!  And to make things worse than they are, the song features the nasal-I-think-I-am-God's-gift-to-music Akon.  If this is what we have been all waiting for baited breath, then I better get my asthma pump ready.  Clive Davis himself said that Whitney would not be riding the "assimilation" and "bandwagon" wave, but will be delivering what her fans all know and love.  Well, I don't know about you, but this is a DISAPPOINTMENT and if this is any indication of what the album will bring, then guess who will be keeping her $9.99?  Check it out here. (concreteloop.com)

5) One more dumb ass rapper: What is wrong with Busta Rhymes?  Honestly, after his string of trouble, arrests and court dates, he has left a sour taste in my mouth.  And I was a hardcore fan of his since Leaders Of The New School.  I came across this on SOHH and I really couldn't stop laughing at his arrogance AND grammar.  This is Busta talking about himself and his "status" in the rap game.  Read this a few times for a good laugh: 

"I take to it [people remaining oblivious to his "greatest" status] optimistically.  Like it doesn't define my greatness, because I feel that greatness that supersedes what people categorize as great is hard to define..." (sohh.com)


My peoples, I just don't get it.

Flashback of the day: Well, I needed a little something to get me out of my funk.  Enjoy a little New Edition...

See y'all soon...

Tha Connoisseur 


RhythmicSoul said...

girl...me and you are ALWAYS here *points to eyes*...everything uve mentioned has either made me shake my head or roll my eyes this past weekend or week...

I just heard the whitney song and lets just say, i wish i hadnt.... and Rappers are not worth a sentence now a days!

ad said...

Thanks for the shout out, sweetie! Alex and I had a good belly laugh (as usual) reading Monday Madness this morning.

Keep up the good work! WHITNEY SUCKS!

Nia said...

Seriously ??? You mean Whitney is coming back for real for real? Crack is whack and all that Jack?? I thought I know my girl is tough so let me read for myself...uh wish I hadn't .. the song sounds like something written by a five year old and the singing sounds like an amateur just starting out trying to catch their break.. u know like that little Lohan child.. u know Lindsey's sister who they refuse to tell she can't sing?? INSANITY!!!

On another note.. you and I have got to chat about Black in America.. Yes we know the reality that many blacks face in America today, but it is important that the rest of America acknowledge that this is the plight of the Black race in the land of the free.. It is also important for Black Americans to understand that there are many people out there choosing to distinguish themselves by making choices that elevate them above the dim realities.. That is what I got out of that documentary.. YES BLACK AMERICA you can do it!! VOTE OBAMA!! had to throw that in LOL!

Tha Connoisseur said...

rhythmic: All the time love, all the time!

ad: Thanks girl and you are more than welcome! I try to please...lol Keep on enjoying the goodies!

Nia: Gotta love Whitney trying though-right?...lol As for Black In America, you did bring up some good points. However, I just felt that America and then some, are well aware and are not blind to the plight of the black race, since they are living it every day. Just my opinion! :)

Obama freak...lol (that's ok, I am too...lol)