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Wednesday, June 04, 2008


"I wake up in the morning feeling so free, I stretch up and I yawn and I crack my feet, put on my house shoes and go brush my teeth–that's my ordinary, ordinary..."  Steph Jones – Mr. Ordinary

Yes, that is my ordinary indeed, just lil' old me.  Today I thought I would reflect a bit on a few things.  So today's entry is going to be short and sweet.

First things first - the Sex and the City flick was serious.  The fashion was crazy, the shoes were SICK and fed my shoe fetish appetite, the purses were phenomenal for the bag lover in me and the emotional roller-coaster that the movie takes you on is respectable, but I am not a crier so it drove me nuts!  All in all, as a girlfriend of mine said - it is mindless, fluffy fun that was well done.  So please, don't go and dissect the film and its flaws like a NAFTA treaty.  Yes, there are a few flaws that most likely die hard S&TC lovers will pick up on and surely discuss.  The one contention that I did have with the movie, was the end.  I HATED IT!!  I will not discuss it here, but the ending alone is a great conversation piece regarding relationships.  There is already talk of a sequel, honestly I am not too sure about how that would fair.  I am sure that we would all rush out to see it, however where else can they go with the story line?  Who knows...Nonetheless,  it is a fun movie that I am sure you will enjoy with your gal pals, I know I did.  I would definitely see it again!

Secondly, I had to reflect on my born day week and give thanks for another fun filled escapade.  With my b-day week flowing into my cousin's, we tend to do it up just right.  From last Friday straight through to this Monday, it was a continuous celebration and we looked fabulous and had an unbelievable time with friends and family.  There was a lot of dancing, drinking, partying, conversations, dinners, walks, vibing, chilling and love all around.  As ALWAYS, I give thanks for yet another year!

In closing (I told you, short and sweet), a girlfriend of mine sent her sistas something today that was very inspiring and right on time.  She wrote a little entreaty for us to remember, because as I continually say, you just never know when the curtain will go down and the lights go out.  Here are a few lines to live by regardless of who you pray to or don't pray to...

I am blessed
I am covered
I am loved
I am a blessing
I am connected
I am prospering
I am able
I am creative
I am successful
I am willing
I am above only and not beneath
I am free
I am protected
I am thankful

And Amen to that.

The flashback of the day:  Well I am in a sentimental mood and feeling kinda sexy!  Here is an oldie but a goodie from Mr. Teddy Pendergrass performed on Soul Train.  Ohhh Teddy, the devious sexy man next door...

See you on Friday with the album of the week...

Tha Connoisseur 

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