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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Life Without Bread, And I Don't Mean Money...

"Soul, help me save my soul..."  Dr. Soul - Foster & McElroy

I am a bit late with this entry, as I usually have it posted during the early part of the day.  Well this is what I get for throwing actual work into the mix.  Today's rant is a bit on the health turn, rather than the usual.  I will try not to bore...

Awhile back, I mentioned that I was on a health kick.  Or more of a mind, body and soul kick.  I changed my eating habits, exercised every other day and enjoyed life a bit more than before.  Actually a whole lot more than before, I can't lie.  Part of this new health kick, was visiting a Naturopath and I will continue to say, it was one of the best health experiences in my life.  A girlfriend of mine recently took her first trip to a Naturopath after a vacation to Mexico did a turn on her internal system.  Constant bloating, that forever gaseous feeling and not being able to digest anything anymore were the incentives to go.  Right now, I don't think that she is praising the natural way, because she has been separated from the one thing in life that makes the world go round–BREAD.  Yes ladies and gentleman, I said it!  It's bread–white, wheat, whole grain...all of them.  It's tough going throughout your day without bread, it is one of the staples in your fridge after all.  You try passing Au Pain Dore downtown Montreal or in Times Square by Port Authority or your favorite bakery right after the doughy goodness is removed from its haven and released into the atmosphere in all its glory.  And then imagine the goodness smothered with any topping of your choice, preferably butter, and the goodness touching your eager tongue ready for your palette to burst into flames at the immeasurable pleasure of fresh baked bread!!  So as you can imagine, right now the woman is going to have a crumpet conniption.

And I totally understand where she is coming from, for I took that same road four months back and went through my separation anxiety as well.  It was hard as all hell!!  Especially for someone who considers bread to be "the meal of champions", trust me it hurt.  I became an avid snacker in that time and that, thank goodness has stayed with me.  Snack of choice: sunflower seeds, dried apricots, walnuts and almonds.  In all honesty, I didn't think that I was going to make it, but I did and it was for the goodness of my digestive system.  That is what I kept telling myself anyway.  And yes it was well worth it, 15 pounds lighter, a couple of dress sizes smaller, looking hot and feeling great for the summer and a normal digestive system as well.  As for my girl, it will do her well that's for sure.  I know it will, but she just has to get over the hump and try not to feed into her crumpet conniption.  However, she is only 6 days in and is DYING.  So please leave some words of encouragement in the comments for her, it will do her good!  HANG IN THERE GIRL!!

Flashback of the day:  I thought I would go with a little bit of the West Coast swagger.  And this is only fitting since my girl is fighting with her conscience.  The lady with the Mickey Mouse speaking voice and powerhouse vocals.

See y'all soon...

Tha Connoisseur 


ad said...

Look into buckwheat flour. Buckwheat is not (as the name would suggest) a grain, and it makes for very healthy pancakes. Nice way to get something bread-y without traditional flour.


Anonymous said...

Oh Lord! I feel the plight of that sister since I am a breadaholic! I can't do without my bread fix but I have to kick the habit. I admit, i need professional help and need to find the location for breadaholics anonymous! Damn you croissantes, rolls and scrumptious loaves of comforting goodness!

Nia said...

Ok so I know you wrote that whole thing just because you know of my bread addiction. If they told me I could not eat bread anymore, it would be like a death sentence.. I mean what kinda meal hits a spot without bread involved?? Gimme bread in da morning..bread inna de evening..bread at supper time..

I tried that once .. I last 2 and a half days .. I am convinced now that it would have to take hypnosis or pshychiatric intervention to make me stop eating bread.

Tha Connoisseur said...

ad: Let the alternative researching begin!

Anon: I am still a member of breadaholics anonymous, don't get it twisted! I will see you at the gathering soon I am sure!...lol

Nia: I am still going through withdrawal girl, trust me on that. But it can be done!!!