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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Monday Madness on Tuesday...

"Fly the friendly skies!..."  United Airlines

I am well aware that it is Tuesday, trust me on that.  But I figured that since I couldn't get my two cents in yesterday on the news that irked me, I would give you a rundown on my flight into Canada with Air Canada.  As of Sunday, I THA CONNOISSEUR, HATE AIR CANADA.

This slogan was used by United Airlines to show the world that they were quite capable in carrying their customers to where they need to go on a daily basis.  Well my dear friends, Air Canada's slogan is: "The Freedom To Fly Your Way" which I think is really a load of %&$!?!

I have always been weary about using Air Canada to go anywhere because of horror stories I have heard from people who have dared to get on one of their flights.  So I finally bit the bullet and took my tail on my first Air Canada flight last year - and low and behold, they lost my luggage.  You would think that I have learned from that experience, but nooooo.  So again when I left for NYC in February, my travel agent booked a cheap Air Canada flight and OH LORD not ever again shall I fall for that!  Please take into consideration that the flight was to leave at 6:30 pm and my ass should have been home on Sunday evening around 8 pm.

Here is a rundown of the events:

Sunday June 8th @ 4:30pm - Arrived at LaGauardia airport and WAS NOT told that the plane was delayed.  According to the system when I called in to check my reservation, the plane was on time.

5:00 pm -  A young lady checks in and upon her finding a seat at the gate, let's us know that the plane has been delayed until 7:45.  Not one announcement has been made as yet or at least, none was heard.

6:00 pm -  Announcement made that the flight has been delayed for 7:45 pm (no really??)

7:15 pm - Announcement made that the flight has now been cancelled but we were being put on standby for a 10 pm flight that same night.  HOWEVER, not everyone heard because the shotty PA system was not working at our gate.  As we all got up to find out what was going on, the little she-devil behind the counter decided to then tell everyone "You didn't hear because the PA system does not work on that side (you THINK they would let their customers know before hand?) and that we should move so we could hear."  Trust me, it was not said as nice as it is being relayed.

7:35 pm - Finally my turn at the desk to make a choice, standby or book for the next day.  I chose both.  I mean come on, I was already there so I matter as well get my tail home no?

---- In waiting, I met a Torontonian who was on the same flight as I was.  She was a sweetheart and we ranted about Air Canada and it's stupidities.  It is not the first time that either of us has had a problem with them - surprise surprise.  

9:59 pm -  GUESS WHAT??!!  The standby flight for 10 pm has now been cancelled.  So the choice was to sleep in the airport or go back to Brooklyn.  So being that I did not want to dish out another $30 for another cab back, I took the long haul back to Brooklyn by bus and subway, reaching home at 12:15 am.  Oh and to make things worse, people were already pissed and such from waiting in the airport all day, the aforementioned she-devil at the desk relayed this message to the masses:

"I will say it again, the 10 pm plane is now cancelled and you have two options.  One, you are welcome to sleep in the airport or two, YOU have to find accommodations, Air Canada will not be paying them for you..."  What a heathen.

----Now I had to start all over again on Monday, for my flight at 12:30 pm.

9:30 am - Left the house in Brooklyn (by cab!) to head out to the hell hole once again.

10:00 am - I am right back to where I started, waiting for my 12:30 flight.

12:05 pm - We were supposed to board at 11:55, but I guess since we were on the plane we really didn't care.

12:40 pm - Everyone is on the plane and we learn from the pilot that we are 15th in line to take off because of the backup in flights due to the storm the day before.  WTF!!  Fifteenth!!  Here we go again...

----Alright, enough of the timeline.  We finally took off at around 1:45 pm and reached Toronto at 2:30 pm.  I hate to travel during the hours of one and six because of the craziness and long lines at immigration.  And so said, so done.  The lines were insane and I stood there for 45 minutes just for a one minute conversation...

"Where did you come from?" - New York
"How long where you there?" - 4 months
"You are all set, have a good day..." - You too.


By the time I got out of Pearson airport it was around 4 pm.  I made yet another friend and ended up getting a ride half way to my destination, which helped immensely.  I AM SPENT!! D-O-N-E!  But I guarantee that your girl will be in top form and back to some sort or normality soon.  Do know that I WILL NOT be taking any form of Air Canada back to anywhere if there is anyway that I can avoid it, it will be done!!  Have any flight horror stories?  Do share!

Flashback of the day:  Today is a chill day and I am so set in chill mode.  So here is a little fun pick me up ditty from my girl Aretha.

See y'all soon...

Tha Connoisseur 


ad said...

I had friends in NYC trying to fly back to Montreal on Sunday night and they had almost the exact same experience as you. Except they were flying United.

Maybe it's LaGuardia??

Tha Connoisseur said...

Well I know that there were 2 Montreal, one Ottawa and 3 Toronto flights that were cancelled on my end. It's not the fact they were cancelled, but the way Air Canada dealt with them (and us) that bothers my soul! What the hell happened to customer service? In this day and age, it is pretty much non existent and it's a damn shame.

Vivrant Thang said...

These airlines are on some ole bs for real. They are hiking up the rates, yet the service gets shoddier. What an awful experience. Glad you made it there in one piece! I look forward to hearing about your musical adventures there.

Nia said...

Uh uh.. its nothing to do with LaGuardia.. Air Canada sucks plain and simple.. if you think your flight from NYC was bad, try going international with those mofos.. They suck and they can be the cheapest of cheaps out there ( which they almost never are) I will never fly Air Canada again. Nasty food, dirty blankets, you feel like you need antibiotics after you have used one of the washrooms, some banged up looking stewardes, luggage claims in India and to top it off rude rude workers..They suck!!

ad said...

Let's hear it for Web 2.0 --- based on your experiences, I will not do business with AC.

Tha Connoisseur said...

Ms Thang: Yes girl, I am glad I made it in one piece as well! No more Air Canada for me that's for damn sure!

Nia: Giiiiiirl, I AM SORRY!!! Damn, I guess AC really did it to you man. Shit and I thought I had it bad!

ad: No joke! I miss WestJet doing their thing...they were WICKED when they touched base in NYC, I used them all the time! They don't have a hub there anymore and let me tell you, it was the SADDEST day of my life when they cancelled that destination!!! :(

RhythmicSoul said...

AMENNNNN aretha...the QUEEN, yall! im sorry about ur battle with the airlines darling lol..ive NEVER been flying...not because i have a michael jackson circa 1965 fear for it or anything...just never been anywhere lol...but stories like this make me feel like im missing out on NADA!

Tha Connoisseur said...

Rhythmic: You are so not missing a damn thing - ESPECIALLY if you are staying away from Air Canada. Hell I am going as far as going to Montreal and taking the bus from there back to NYC!! Damn that plane business! But ya know, you shouldn't let the plane saga stop you! :)