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Friday, June 27, 2008

Guess Who's Semi-Back??

Hey y'all, just an update.  I am awake, snarky and moving like real people–rising out of the ashes like The Phoenix.  So we all know what that means...MONDAY MADNESS will be in full effect!  Off to get my locs twisted...ahhh the joys of being a younger sister can sometimes work out for you IF, you got it like I do! :)

A vid for you since there is no album of the week available.  It's not an old school jam, but I thought I would put some of you out there onto some good 'ish, just in case you do not know about him as yet (and you should!!)  Check out this new track from one of my favs Dwele.  Some of you will remember him from Kanye's jam "Flashing Lights", yes Dwele sang the chorus.  Dwels is sooo much more than just a hook man, you NEED to check out his past work or just pick up his new album Sketches Of A Man.  It is worth the listen - trust me!  So on that note, while I am getting my hair did and looking forward to an outdoor concert tomorrow in thunderstorms and showers (hope you hear the sarcastic tone in that), I will be at the The Ice Cream Tour which features Joe, Monica, LL Cool J and Dru Hill (yeah DRU HILL!  Update on the concert next week) - I do wish you a wonderful weekend.  

Let me know if you liked the track.  Hear you on Monday...

Tha Connoisseur

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