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Monday, March 10, 2008

Work And More Work...

"Control - never gonna stop.  Control - to get what I want..."  Control - Janet Jackson 

I am presently working on a new project to accompany my blog.  My cousin DanaLee and I have come together to give it a shot at podcasting.  Last night was our first foray into the land of GarageBand on my MacBook and what a night it was.  The idea was to get the podcast posted to the site today for your listening pleasure.  But right now, I am in the midst of trying to control the impatientness (I know it's not a word!) spewing out of me.  And believe me, I do not have patience on the regular anyhow, so this is quite challenging.  My music teacher used to always say, "patience is a virtue Madame!" and I would always cringe when she said it - today is not any different.  I thought that I would have an upper hand dealing with GarageBand because of my musical background.  But really, who am I kidding!?  I am trying y'all, so be patient with me!  A full write up about the podcast and an actual podcast post will be coming soon.  

A few things going around:

Besides the obvious electoral wrestling match between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, Mr. Obama seems to be on the up side in the world of music.  Q-tip has asked Barack to appear on his new album The Renaissance.  No news yet as to what will happen, because there is no answer from the presidential candidate.  But for now, Spike Lee and Nora Jones are sure contributers to the set.

Also, check out the cover of Rolling Stone magazine:

This is the first time this magazine has ever backed a presidential candidate during the primaries.  Of course, he is also featured inside the mag, with a spread of pictures from his childhood to the presidential race.  Impressive cover.

I was also fortunate to attend a discussion at NYU a couple of weeks ago regarding race and politics.  The discussion focused on how people in America gage the candidates and how that will affect their votes - for Hillary, being a woman and Barack being a black man.  Excellent points were brought up,  such as -  what is going to happen to black movements.  Will blacks still be heard?  Or will the brash response be, "oh shut up, you have a black president for god's sake!"  And in Hillary's case - is she in a position where she is not liked because she is a woman or because she is simply Hillary?  The discussions and articulate sound offs were to the point, quite expressive and very educational.  

For those of you into fashion, the Metropolitan Museum of Art has an exhibition entitled blog.mode: addressing fashion.  It is an exhibition that allows you to blog about the pieces on display.  They are exhibiting pieces from prestigious designers such as Yves Saint Laurent, John Galliano and Jean Paul Gaultier to name a few.  I will be looking to include a review of this exhibit on the upcoming podcast.  Keep your eyes and ears peeled, but in the meantime, visit the site @ www.metmuseum.org

 I don't know about you, but I am very excited about the upcoming documentary on Bob Marley that is being directed by the almighty Martin Scorsese.  The only disappointment for me regarding the project, is that it is a documentary.  But with Martin's meticulous eye, I am sure it will be worth my hard earned money to watch in a theatre.  After hearing about the documentary, news of Rita Marley's biography No Woman No Cry: My Life With Bob Marley has been released.  Rita is looking to bring the book to life for the big screen.  Having said that, we all knew that she would want no one else but Lauryn Hill to depict her life on screen.  With Lauryn being her choice, the question raised is - will Lauryn be up to the challenge?  Since Lauryn is a Marley family member (she's said to be married to Rohan Marley) and will be under Rita's tutelage, the answer to that question remains to be seen.  We will soon find out what will transpire, won't we?  Check out the poll below and voice your opinion.

Here's the flashback video of the day, a little Bob for the soul:

See you soon...
Tha Connoisseur 

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