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Friday, January 16, 2009

Old School Friday: TV Theme Songs...

Ohhh boy les filles done put their foot in it this time...LOL

This week's OSF theme is: TV Theme Songs.  Wow...this is hard.  And I know I say that every week, but the themes are so good and so RANDOM!  I love it.

Alright, I have 3 for your listening pleasure.  First up has to be my favorite of all time.  Apparently according to my Dad, when I was a lil' one and the theme to this show came on, it did not matter where I was in the house - I would run in front of the TV and start shaking my money maker.  I guess I was a beach girl at heart, go ahead and laugh it up.

Second has to be my favorite cul-de-sac in the world.  Maybe it was the cheesy sax, who knows.  This theme went on for days!

And lastly, I LOVED this because it personified every single person's style and taste on the show.  And I don't think it was a reflection of just their characters, I believe it to be a reflection of themselves.  Out of all the seasons, I love this one the most.  And they had some pretty creative ones.

Please visit the rest of my OSF Family here. Have a phenomenal and safe MLK weekend and we all know what next Tuesday is.  DC stay strong!   It is a day that Martin would have been proud to have celebrated with Mr. Obama if he were here today.  What a birthday gift!

Tha Connoisseur 


Hey Shae! said...

I guess I'm a beach girl too because the Hawaii 5-0 theme is catchy. :)

I think we all loved the Cosby Show themes. I like to watch their little dances in the beginning.

Tha Connoisseur said...

@Shae: It sure is catchy, my Mom still laughs at me today about it.

I miss that show. :(

PopArtDiva said...

Oh, you gotta say that the Hawaii-50 and Peter Gunn Themes are two of the classics, don't you?

Funny, I'm trying to picture you shaking your money-maker in front of the boob tube, lol..... okay, I'll quit now.

I'm such a TV Theme freak that this week's theme had me dancing up and down, lol. I controlled myself and only posted A Few of My Favorite Fifties TV Theme Songs!. . . . I have a collection in the hundreds (thousands?)!

Happy OSF!

Revvy Rev said...

They are all excellent choices as usual. I think that the Cosby theme has to be my #1 favorite of all time.
Happy OSF!

Regina said...

Awesome picks! I knew I would see multiple Cosby picks this week! Loving the Hawaii 5-0 theme!

Marvalus said...

I love the Hawaii 5-0 theme!

And the Cosby theme always had me curious at the beginning of every season to see what they would come up with...I was never disappointed (except for that one season that they did the tropical, Caribbean theme...that's my least favorite one)...

pjazzypar said...

Just lovin the theme from Hawaii Five - 0! Great stuff :-)

Tha Connoisseur said...

@Popartdiva: I soooo know you are laughing it up at me...LOL Picture me in my diapers, gold bracelets and hair in two ponytails...visualize it...and NOW shaking my money maker...lmao

@Rev: Thank you! I think we can all do for a dose of Cosby righ now. :)

@Regina: It reigns supreme!...lol

@Marv: You are so right, we always looked forward to what Cosby had to offer. This is by far my fav.

@Pjazzy: Thank you!! :)

LaKeshia @ Kreative Talk said...

I really didn't think anyone would post The Cosby Show! I really like Hawaii 5 0

Tha Connoisseur said...

@LaKeshia: Really? They were so much fun!...lol