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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Concert Review: Soul In Color w/ Kameron Corvet, Monica Blaire & Postman @ Joe's Pub NYC...

"You make me feel, like this is so unreal..."  Special - Monica Blaire

My girl the effervescent and sassy Fiona Bloom of The Bloom Effect, worked hard to put together a show that was well worth the event price - and MORE.  The bill boasted the epitome of cool Kameron Corvet, the ever funky Monica Blaire and the platinum artist from Holland, Postman. The extravaganza was hosted by the energetic Maya Azucena, who had the crowd in the palm of her hand.  If you were not there to witness it, I am here to tell you - you certainly missed a show.

(my favorite pic I took that night - Monica Blaire)

First up to bat was Mr. Kameron Korvet and when he takes to the stage with his guitar in hand, you cannot help but sit up and be attentive to his movements and vibe.  It was an acoustic set and y'all already know I am a sucker for a good set.  Knowing that Kameron is spectacular in that form, I knew we were all in for a treat.   The lights went low, he tuned up his instrument of choice and breezed through his tracks one after the other (in no order) - one of my favorites "Kiss and Makeup," "War Within," and he ended his set with a request for "Situation."  He's a one man show.  He conversed with the crowd and kept it moving the Corvet way.  I was in my glee, because he did my FAVORITE track from his album Saying Things, the sexy and sensual "Let's Go Again":

Time spent with Kameron on stage is never enough.

Followed by his mellow aura, Joe's was certainly turned up a notch or two...or five.  Monica Blaire was NOT A JOKE and seeing that this was her debut in NYC, she was relentless with her shit.  And Tamara Wellons (another diva you will hear about soon on these pages) let me know via Twitter that when Monica performed at Artmosphere Cafe in Maryland a couple of weeks ago, they were not ready for her.  Well New York was certainly hit with a storm of epic proportions that night!  Upon her entrance to the stage, Monica unleashed and hit the crowd with a few sexy body grooves, slinking herself across the stage and swaying to and fro with her own signature Anita Baker-esque movements.  And that voice?  It filled the pub from back to front 10 times over.  Her upbeat and funky track "Music" surely had everyone with a pulse bouncing:

Monica bopped and weaved through her set, with the packed house following her flow.  From the break down of "One and Only," the scorching "Set Me Free," and the Sunday church event of "Call," to my personal instant favorite "Special," the woman was on FYAH.  The feeling that everyone tried to convey at the end of the show was inexplicable.  All we could do was say her name and shake our heads in disbelief.  You best believe that I will say if Miss Monica Blaire is performing anywhere near your vicinity, do yourself a favor - do NOT miss that show.  I will only tell you once!!

Last on the bill was Postman doing his thing.  I am honestly not familiar with his music, but he did have an interesting flow of reggae/rock inspired hip hop.  Personally, it felt a bit out of place with what I was feeling and I felt my vibe come down a few notches.  He is good at what he does, has a tight flow and his lyrics are most definitely positive.  However there was not that much interaction with the crowd and it seemed that soundcheck was still taking place during the performance.  That did not do it for me.  Perhaps it was an off night for him, I have no idea.  But he performed a few tracks and called it a night.  

I have to add, Maya Azucena is energetic as all hell and can rock a mic without even singing a note!  She hosted with flair and kept the energy moving along the entire night.  Her last note of the night had everyone in step, as she broke out into a spontaneous rendition of "I Want To Thank You" by Alicia Meyers.  Give thanks indeed, it was a tremendous night of music.

See y'all soon...

Tha Connoisseur 


Vivrant Thang said...

You have DEFINITELY peeked my interest. I hope Kameron makes his way to the area soon. Meantime, I'm all over both of these artists. Thanks for sharing! Nice review.

Tha Connoisseur said...

@Ms. Thang: Kameron is definitely a must. It's just him and his guitar. I am so curious as to how he would perform with a full on band?

Thanks lovely, glad you enjoyed!