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Monday, February 25, 2008

Alas - I Have The Monday Blues...

"I knew that there would be days like this, when I wanna let go..." - Kenny Lattimore

Yesterday I was supposed to sit down and dish out a new entry, but after sharing the morning with the Lord and the afternoon at the gym - it was not on the horizon. Besides, yesterday was a glum day. Why you may ask? Well because I no longer have a significant other in my life AND it was just a melancholy day. And that was that. So here I am a day late (my apologies), with another convo on the go. So let's get it started.

Alright, do I have a good one for you soul heads. I was reading an e-zine this morning about one of my favorite soul bands out there - Mint Condition. Now reading this particular line is what started this line of thought and smoke emanating from my head. The line read: "Remember the group Mint Condition?...Well they are making a comeback with a new album..." A comeback? No no, sorry...I meant - A COMEBACK?!!! Oh dear chile...they never left the scene! This is a remark from someone who most likely only follows mainstream artists. And hey, there's nothing wrong with that at all, it's called a preference. However, you are missing a whole lot on the warp side of soul.

While Mint Condition may be considered a mainstream artist, they are so much more than that. Ok, I know that MC has not had a studio album release in like 3 years, but Mint Condition is one of the hardest working bands out there. When they are not in studio, they are on the road touring or working on their side projects. Even without new material, MC can always get their fans out to a show - because of the their talent and musicianship. Which may I add, is a characteristic that a lot of artists are lacking today. I am a die hard fan who was able to catch their show at BB Kings last year in July. And because Blogger is being a pain in the ass today, I can't upload my video from the concert. Sorry maybe next time.

I can go on and on, but I do not want to get too much into Mint Condition because I will be doing a profile on them when the time is right. But in the mean and in between time, check out their new song "Baby Boy, Baby Girl" from the new upcoming album E - Life. There is another version floating around featuring Anthony Hamilton, but I wanted to share this find. A dude by the name of "Mr. Hardy" is crazy sick on the drums. And he uses quite a few Mint Condition and other soul songs to display his skills. You can listen to the song, while watching Mr Hardy do his thing. There are plenty of jealous bones in my body that come to life while watching the video. I have always wanted to learn how to play the drums, but ended up with a piano and vibrophone (which I both ended up loving - but they are not the drums!!!). But anyway, have to give props where props are due.

Now I am trying for the life of me to not bug out over this, but I am running into constant uploading errors all over the place! I am not able to upload anything today - which of course is not fairing well with me.

I am going to just end the day with the video flashback...hell how about two since it's a Monday. Hopefully I can get that up and running for you.

One of the most gifted voices in soul music.

And lastly, I wanted and needed to end on a NE note.

That's all for today folks, see you soon on the horizon.

Tha Connoisseur


ad said...

Sending you some love vibes, Miss C.

Anonymous said...

I got goose bumps listening to Mr Hardy. WICKED STUFF!!

Tha Connoisseur said...

ad - thanks for the vibes girl...much needed and appreciated!

And there are no words for Mr. Hardy. He is doing what he does and doing it well!!!