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Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday Madness...

"Well all I need is the air I breathe and a place to rest my head..."  One Republic - Say (All I Need)

This quote resonates so much with me today.  Last night your girl was in the middle of madness when a fire broke out in my building.  I have gone through alarms and what not, but when it really happens you really have to spring into action and hope and pray for the best.  My Aunt and I by the grace of God, got out safely with a little smoke inhalation on my part.  There is a lot of damage and the inside of the building looks like it was dipped in a soot glaze.  It is a hot mess out there.  However I give thanks that everyone got out safely, no one was hurt and we all have another day to give thanks for.

So it is kind of ironic that I am launching my new theme today entitled, "Monday Madness."  It's a collection of things that I either heard or came across during the week or weekend, that I did not get to mention.  So here are the top 5 things that made me 1) shake my head in disgust 2) curse my MacBook while I was reading the story or 3) think are just weird, dumb or stupid!

1) R Kelly's gold Hair:

I think the picture says it all really...I mean seriously??

2) Internet Beating Movies:  If you have not heard about the beatings lately that have taken place, you must be oblivious to everything around you.  Or you just don't want to hear it.  The most disgusting thing about this is that there is more than one instance and they are not the first.  This is an ongoing occurrence from since last year, however these cases are recent.  There was one where a teacher was beaten by one of her students in her CLASS while everyone just looked on.  And the thought of one student, instead of going to get help, was to pull out their camera phone and tape the whole damn thing.  The other was of 8 teens who beat the crap out of a 16 year old girl who was talking smack about them on her MySpace page.  Another set who decided to tape the beat down and post it on the net.  What the hell is going on??  And I may get in trouble with some of y'all out there, but these kids need a good WHUPPIN' man, SERIOUSLY.

3) Kobe Bryant jumping over an Aston Martin:  As cool as this may look, I think it is the most stupid act on his part - ad for new shoes or not.  You know what I have to say about this, real or not?  DUMBASSIDRIE. Dude is a mulit million sports figure, his body is his bread and butter.  If he would have landed differently, his ass would have been on the unemployment line and he would be saying bye bye bye to the NBA.  "I got this..." my ass!  Think before you do Kobe!

4) Alicia Keys' stance on gansta rap in Blender magazine:  Somethin' ain't right, but oh boy this is a doozie.  I am hoping and praying to the great music gods up above that Miss Alicia is not going on a paranoid militant rant. Her perspective is, "It was a ploy to convince black people to kill each other and Gangsta Rap didn't exsist."  Oh my my. We know she is an intelligent and talented black woman, but whoa there now. Nonetheless, everyone is entitled to their perspective whether we agree with it or not. You will have to buy the magazine to read the whole article, but there is a clip of it on Blender magazine's website.

And lastly...

5) Mariah Carey on the cover of Jet Magazine:  Everyone already knows how I feel about Mariah's new album E=MC2.  The songs that have been released and leaked for our torturous pleasure have been enough to make me want to staple my ears to my head.  And to make things worse, she comes out on Jet magazine with this:

I know she didn't exactly write that subtitle but...SAYWHAAAT??!!  Staying true to her music?!  Please do not get me started!!!  I am just going to leave that alone and stop right there.

Flashback of the day y'all:

I'm in a sentimental mood and I love this song.  After all the mess I just wrote about, we need a cool vibe to bring us back to sanity.  Here is Mr. Biggs at his best.  It's not a video for the song, but it does the trick.

Before I forget, my partner in crime Danalee was on vacation - hence no podcast.  I PROMISE we will have one for you soon!

See y'all soon...

Tha Connoisseur 


RhythmicSoul said...

girl!!! we stay HERE *points to eyes* on a regular basis...im lovin the new monday madness thing...but where do i start?

Rkelly...smmdh, this IDIOT..i stopped putting any hope in him long before the alligations really, but after that it seemed it just made him more of a bafoon and jester. This new image, does it surprise me? not really to tell u the truth, i would be more shocked if he came out with a credible album full of retrospective material and meaningful lyrics to be honest....

Kobe...Now i thought this was cool when i first saw it but later reports proved that it was all computer effects and he really didnt jump over an ashton martin...BUT how many dumb ass kids in the hood u think are gonna try and jump over their mommas hondas gone get hurt tryna recreate that shit? smdh

And last but DEFINATELY not least...MARIAH...well u already KNOW how im feeling about this chick right now...and for all of u who dont, check out my review over at Rhythmicwords.blogspot.com ....i said it once and i'll say it again...MIMI SHANT VICTIMIZE ME!!!!!!!

ad said...

Can we add another item?

6) The blatant photoshopping of the Mariah Carey cover. Who are they trying to kid? We all know she's gotten puffy and weird lately...